Samsung VR7000 series vacuum

I just purchased the Darth Vader edition of the Samsung VR7000 series vacuums and I have to use the Samsung Connect app to operate the vacuum with my iPhone.
I use the Smartthings app for everything else so I’m wondering if there is a way to add the VR7000 to the Smatthings app so I don’t have to use two apps.

Or, is the roadmap heading to a complete migration to the Samsung Connect or Samsung Home apps instead?

Thanks for the assistance.

I have a Samsung powerbot connected to Smartthings. On your app home screen under the smart home monitor card is a place for “Samsung home” you can connect through that. It’ll include your vacuum and you can use it through Smartthings instead of the Samsung connect app.

Which Powerbot do you have though? I think the model matters.

Every model uses the same process, so give it a whirl and see.

Ok. Will do.
I’ll report back with results.

No go.
I installed the Smart Home smart app within my Smartthings app and no matter what I tried, I could not add the vacuum.

I installed the Smart Home app and tried adding it there but the app said I have to use the Samsung Connect app.

There must be a magic way to add the VR7000 series to the regular Smartthings app.

I have the R9350 model. A review on Amazon of your model says it doesn’t connect to Smartthings. I still find that hard to believe. What are you trying to do with it via Smartthings? Maybe we can come up with a different solution.

A better control of the schedule. The vacuum has two schedule modes via the Samsung Connect app; 1 time or every day. I’d like to use Smartthings to have the vacuum run 2/week after everyone leaves.

My thought is that Samsung Connect will eventually replace the Smartthings app but I could be wrong.

I’m not sure about a migration, I’ve heard rumors for both ways for a long time.

As for a better control of your vacuum’s schedule, you should be able to connect to IFTTT. If that’s true then you can do anything you want using a webhook from Webcore. Install Webcore, connect the IFTTT maker channel and BOOM, full control.

My vacuum will work with IFTTT but then again, mine connects directly to ST and yours doesn’t so I’m not sure what might be different anymore.

As Julio demonstrated, this isn’t true.

Older powerbots use the Samsung Smart Home app. Newer ones, such as the VR7000 use the Samsung Connect app.

There is no magic way to get the VR7000 in ST.

I didn’t realize they were 2 different apps. Do the newer vacuums still work with IFTTT?

I’m not sure, I don’t have access to a newer vacuum.

What’s the roadmap for ST? An eventual migration to Samsung Connect?

I just picked up the VR7000 last week. Great vac, but I’m really disappointed that I can’t effectively manage my SAMSUNG Vac within the same SAMSUNG home automation environment. All my automation is in ST Classic except for my Powerbot which I have no choice but to use thru the new app. I could see if it was a competitive brand but they’re both SAMSUNG. :frowning:

Believe me, after the honeymoon period is over, it will not matter. You will set the vac for a schedule then it will do its thing. I haven’t touch the automation on mines for over a year. All I do is constantly reset it because of it running over stuff and cleaning/dumping the litter.

Eventually, we will all be forced to move over so…

Hi everyone,
I bought VR7000M PowerBot but can connect to SamrtThings app(there is no connect app anymore on app store) on iOS device.
Problem is that I don’t see an option for vacuum cleaners in the app. And auto detect doesn’t detect it, and yes, AP is on display, and i see it on wifi.

Can anyone help me?


That’s strange because it’s available on mine.

Maybe uninstall the app and try again?

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Available devices are region specific

Still the same. Any solution? :confused:

What country are you in?

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