Samsung Powerbot Integration (and Alexa)

I just purchased a Powerbot R7070. It’s app integration is messy. I’ve been using ST Classic for 2 years and currently prefer it. I’ve only been able to get the Powerbot to work with ST (newer version). I can’t get it to work with Smart Home or ST Classic. I believe Smart Home is getting phased out for the newer ST. The problem is that Alexa won’t see it. Everything I have read about Powerbot integration is through Smart Home. I have the ST skill in Alexa and it sees/detects everything that is added to ST Classic. It doesn’t see this since it is only in ST (new). The Alexa skill has the new icon not the old ST Classic icon, so it should see it. Is there anyway to get it into ST Classic? It currently just times when I try to manually add “Samsung Robot Vacuum”. Am I missing something? I’m trying to stay away from dropping ST Classic and going fully into ST.

On another note, this thing was really messy getting it to work with my phone (Samsung S7). I had to use my Samsung Tablet for it to connect initially.

I contacted Samsung via the support chat. The person confirmed what I basically know at this point. The Powerbot(newer version) can only work with ST (new app). The only integration for it into to Alexa is by way of Smart Home. He escalated the support. I might hear something in 2 days.

I found this under the SmartThings skill in Alexa, " *Note - This skill currently does not support major appliances such as TVs, Robot Vaccuums and AC Units. We are continually working to add more functionality to this skill."

Looks like I’m not the only one with this problem.

@mfifield01 - did you ever find a resolution?

Add a scene in the new smarthings app to get the vacuum to work with Alexa.
Alexa will discover the scene and then you can activate it with voice.