Samsung Powerbot R7040

I bought the R7040 this week after reading consumer reports. I was also able to get a promo code to save another $50. I have been using Smartthings Classic for a few years now with no problems, in fact even my wife can use it well, lol. I have webcore and a host of apps connected and it has all run without any issues. I followed the directions without missing any steps. After an hour of not being able to connect it to Smartthings Classic, I downloaded the newer version of Smartthings. I was able to see it listed under devices and can access the remote. However, now most of the 40 connected devices are showing disconnected in the newer version. I read that servers are to blame, but I do not understand why I cannot connect it to the classic app. Also, when I log into my Smartthings account using the samsung account login, its not listed under devices. The only place it shows up is in the new version of the app. Does anyone know of a way to get this thing on my classic platform? The new app is very unreliable. I do not want to sign out of my classic account for fear I will also lose webcore and other app functionality. So basically right now I have to use two apps in order to monitor my system, AND to make matters worse, I receive duplicate alerts for everything!!!

I just purchased the R7070 and I’m having the exact same issues. In addition, Alexa won’t work as it seems to link to Smartthings classic (classic doesn’t see it). I’ve been on support with Samsung and Amazon without any resolution. It looks like it was initially designed to connect to Smart Home, but they now want it to connect to the broken new Smartthings. Samsung smart apps are a mess right now.