Vacation Lighting Director Help

Trying to setup Vacation Lighting Director Smatapp & having problems getting it to do what I want.
Here is an example of what I would like to do;
Light A- turn on at 6:30PM & off at 10PM then turn back on at 6AM & off at 7:30AM
Light B turn on at 7Pm off at 9Pm then on at 6:30AM & off At 7:30 AM
Other lights same way some maybe only on once.
Problem is I can not group this in one routine named vacation & can not figure out how to have 2 triggers at different times for same light.
Please do not suggest Core I have tried to install many times & it never works. Plus to old to try & wrap my head around programming.
Thanks Mike

I don’t think there is a vacation routine. Nice suggestion though. As far as the turning on/ off at different times, you would need to make a separate smart lighting automation for each time. So Rule 1 on at 6:30 off at 10, Rule 2 On at 7:30. off at 9.
It is the lights coming on at different times that will mess you up from having them in 1 automation/routine.

You can’t schedule Vacation Light Director. You just put the times to run during, which lights to control, how many at a time to turn on and how long before rotating. Then it’s random.

Honestly the best way to do this is with the combination of Core, a Vacation mode, and a custom vacation routine.

If you can work out how to install Core then I would be happy to show you exactly what to put in it so that it produces this result for you.

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I was able to use Smart Lights under the SmartThings Recommends in the Market Place.
Problem is this morning 6AM one of my lights came on that was only supposed to turn on when in Away. Checked settings & was setup just to turn on in Away. Any ideas to fix problem?
Thanks Mike