Home Activity Simulator (Make it look like i'm home App)

I am looking to create a mode that does the following when the Mode is set to “Away”.

At Sunset Every X Minutes light a light for X Minutes. At sunrise stop.

How do I got about this?

Vacation lighting director smart app.

Or you could set up something like this in CoRE.
This gives a random time between turning on and off.

I have tried that. However it “cycles” lights. Doesn’t that mean that every
X minites in switches one light off and turns another on?

I would like to have for example every 90 minutes turn the kitchen lights
on for 5 minutes.

Hmmm what is that? I have been wondering to how "create custom programs"
for ST

This should get you started.

I am using the UK version. What are my options?

GitHub IDE integration is only available in the US.

Github is available in the UK now.
I use it.
You can just copy and paste the code into a new smartapp if you wish.
Might be easier to start with so you can get it working.
Another thing to note is that after you have gone into marketplace-> my smartapps for the initial set up, for all subsequent times you open CoRE, go through automation -> smmartapps tab.
If you don’t you will have issues building new pistons.

Looking to do it thr right way from the start cause I assume that updates will be automatic afterwards right? I am not seeing github integration for the UK version of ST

Thank you everyone for all the prompt information. I will give it a try

So far so good. How do I make it repeat after the random 30-120 minute wait?

Not really sure but if you look at my piston in post 3 you will see how i do it.

Thanks for pointing that mistake out. So is it correct now?

Looks good to me.

Thank you both. Very kind of you to offer help so promptly. So far I am very happy with my ST System and with this Core thing it seems I have opened up a whole new world.

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Just as an aside, personally I always have Task Cancellation Policy (TCP) set to cancel on piston state change.
I find this is the best policy when timers are involved.
Sometimes with the way I set up rules the timers keep resetting and never mature.
TCP active stops this.

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Can you elaborate on this?

If you go to your THEN scroll down the page andyou will find Task Cancellation Policy
Check Cancel On Piston State Change.
Like I said, probably not an issue but I have had some pistons that keep resetting the timers so that they never mature.
I just do it as a matter of course now.

Noted! Thanks.

One last thing for now. If i want to update to the latest core do I simply edit to the update code from github? If so will I lose my “Pistons”?