Simple but how: lights on a random schedule?

Using Alexa to do most stuff, but just invested in Smartthings hub and a few sockets.
I want to create a simple action/workflow/routine to
Press away on app, or ask Alexa set Away ??
Then for one of my two lights to come on at a time …say 7pm and the to go on and off at random times till say 8am the following morning and then stop. same with the other lamp.
is this easy to do, has someone already created this.
Many thanks

You can do this with 2 apps that you can download.
First one is Vacation Lighting Director.
Personally I have found this a bit hit and miss.
So I use an app called CoRE.
This can be a bit daunting to start with but once you get a handle on it, it’s very powerful.
Just search the forum for CoRE and you will find lots of information about it.
Here is a piston I have set up for one set of lights.

Thanks Bob
I wouldn’t have a clue where to start, I only have two lamps which need to turn on and off randomly from a preset time …depending on time of year, but say 8pm till 6am Friday night till Sunday.
And for this to happen when both myself and wife are away from home together, using mobile as device.
Where do you get software from, how do you get this into smartthings
Sorry to bother you

Hi Barry.
Have you got everything set up with your devices?
Can you see them in your app on your mobile device?
If so, in your app, go into marketplace.
1st from the right at the bottom of the app.
Click on SmartApps at the top.
Click on Lights & Switches.
Scroll down and you will see Vacation Lighting Director.
Click on that.
In Setup click on Modes and tick Away.
Click on times and use, say, starting at (click on it) select Sunset.
Ending at choose Sunrise.
Select your switches to use and then how often you want to cycle the lights.
Pick number of active lights.
Now set your ‘Settings’.
Click Done.
You will now have set up the switches you have picked to turn on and off at random times when you are away.

You are a star
Thanks a million

Sorry to bother you, quick question
I have set up the smart app as mentioned and all looks good
Under the switches section, I have clicked both my lights
Do they both come on together, or cycle between the two
or do I have to create on for one light and another for other light
Many thanks

If you are using CoRE and have selected more than one device (light) for a set of actions, both devices will be controlled simultaneously. You’d have to have a separate piston for each device. I think. Someone can correct me if I am wrong

I’m using the Vacation Lighting Director by Tim Slagle
I could always create another with the other lamp if needs must

Bob, your directions are very precise and easy to understand, however i don’t see vacation lighting director in lights & switches in the marketplace smartapps. Any ideas?

I believe it is no longer available. I’ve seen other users state that can no longer find it either. I just looked because I need a simple vacation routine and can’t find it. I got CoRE setup but have made 0 moves forward to configure it yet…guess that will be my move.

I have searched for the “vacation lighting director” and it’s no longer there as of 1/9/19. Any other ideas for scheduling vacation lighting?

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