V3 Hub disconnecting

For the past 5 days my hub keeps disconnecting and reconnecting several times per hour. I have restarted the router, rebooted hub, left hub unplugged for an hour then plugged back in and it just keeps happening. No other internet related issues in the house. Any ideas what is going on and how to fix this?

  • try powering it off for a few minutes, unplug cable if using, power it back up and connect cable
  • switch to wifi if using ethernet or vice versa to see if you get a stable connection
  • color of led on hub?
  • contact ST support

I believe I remember seeing another user with same issue recntly

link to LED color meaning:


I opened a support ticket.

It seems to be resolved after leaving hub unplugged for 4 hours but will co ti ue to monitor this.

Thanks for the link to the other topic.

Usually shutdown will cure this weird loop. It just happened to me, again. This fourth or fifth time. I have morning routine that runs when phone is unplugged. It run partially and then hub went instantly inactive. I have pinpointed this to happen when lan or virtuka devices are run.

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