Smartthings Hub V3 Inactive!

My Hub went Inactive for no reason, and it can come back online for a few seconds, and they off line again! and I can not bring it back to work!
I have a tricket with Samsung 1452072.
can any one help? I have closed to 100 devices connected, just hesitate to do a factory reset!. is there any other way I can try to resolve this issue? please someone help me!!
Hub, V3
thank you

using Ethernet or Wifi? if using Wifi, try moving over to Ethernet or vice versa.

have you rebooted your modem/router?

if using Ethernet, have you tried a different Ethernet cable and using a different switch port?

don’t factory reset - contact ST support first. If in a region were calling is available, that is generally the fastest method.

I am using Ethernet, and I have rebooted ST Hub many many times, and I have switched ethernet ports a few times, still no help.
I will try to move it to wifi once I figure out how.
I have contacted ST, they forwarded my ticket to Level 2, but they suggested me to Factory reset. and I do not want to do that!
will keep you posted. thank you

rebooted your router? can you ping the hub? flashing light on the ethernet port on the back side of the ST hub? led color on the front of the ST hub?

I would not reset the hub.

rebooted many times, and I cam ping the hub. ethernet flashing yellow and green, front of the ST Hub shows solid Blue! used to be solid green, not sure why now is solid Blue!

there is still the option of switching to wifi

rebooted again, and now it is flashing blue!

how do I change it to wifi? please help.

thank you

there is a section “Setup with Wired/Ethernet connection but want WiFi” that you can refer to in the following link:

can not get the hub to light up yellow!

it is flashing orange.