V3 Hub can take Custom devices here is the work around

I was upset that there was no inclusion of non listed items in the V3 app. So I emailed this to Samsun Smartthings.

Kinda of an alarming issue I’m seeing with the version 3 hub. Might cause me to scrap plans on getting into the new ecosystem. Zero support for 3rd party devices. Meaning the buttons, sensors and fan controls I purchased through non supported devices will all go away with this new version with no way to add them like in previous versions. That’s nearly $400 I will loose if I buy the new SmartThings Wifi system. That seriously sucks. Is this true or is there a workaround . Does that mean all of the custom automations and device handlers go bye bye also? If that’s true your killing off a lot of devices and the hard work of avid and rabid users who have helped expand your platform. If you do that it’s seriously going to cause a ton of platform jumpers.
Thanks for any response. (If it’s true please put it back in)

And here is the reply with a big sigh of relief… BTW I did search and did not see a topic on this … IF there is one please let me know and Ill drop this post.

Mike D. (SmartThings)

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Support.

That’s a great question and I’m more than happy to help.

Although the features for using custom device handlers and custom SmartApps for non-supported devices haven’t been added to the new app yet, there is a workaround.

Initially, you will need to use the new app to set up the latest hub. However once set up, you can go back to using the Classic app and upload any custom codes to the IDE.

One thing to note, to access the SmartThings Classic app using your Samsung account, please tap on the option “New to SmartThings” to trigger the Samsung login screen.

The reason both the Classic app and new SmartThings app exist at the same time is because we are still in the process of updating customers to Samsung and moving features to the new app.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great day!


Mike D.
Support Technician
Samsung SmartThings

So there ya go we can still use our Non listed devices… Hopefully Ill have the 3 pack Mesh networked Smartthings by months end and let you know if it works or not…

Thanks for the post, but this really isn’t new information.

The V3 Hub isn’t the concern… It is the new “SmartThings (Samsung Connect) App” which has compatibility limitations.

And, yes, though it isn’t a flawless process, at this time the SmartThings (Classic) App is still usable with any Hub (including V3; though with V3 you need to use the new App in order initially configure the Hub).

There are also ways that Custom DTHs can be made at least partially compatible with the new App (without complete reprogramming). There are other threads that describe this.


I looked and didnt see anything on this myself


I would go for the new Hub V3 if there was a true way to migrate from one to the other.

In addition to the thread that @tgauchat linked to, which discusses the necessary DTH changes that need to be made, the general issue and the workaround you mention has been discussed multiple times since April in the thread on the differences between the two apps:

It appears the confusion is because you thought this was a V3 hub issue when in fact it is a mobile app issue with the “SmartThings ( Samsung connect)” app. So that’s probably why you didn’t find anything.

This whole rollout has been very confusing as Samsung just hasn’t really bulletpointed the distinctions. :scream:


Yep but for anyone who is thinking the same thing I did. It might be good to leave this up.

The specific question of using the new app to register the v3 hub and then using the classic app was also addressed in another thread. But I could see how it’s easy to miss that.

That’s a separate issue, and they have given no indication that there will ever be a migration utility after they announced they were abandoning whatever attempts they previously made to get one working (that was over a year ago IIRC).

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I reached out to support as my Github menu was truncated while adding the custom device handlers to the new location created when adding v3. The work around was to add more custom DTHs, thus expanding the table they are listed in, to increase the portion of the dropdown menu being shown (it gets truncated more or less where the table ends). Anyway this is besides the point… This is what ST Support responded:

Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out!

As far as using GitHub and using the development environment to install custom integrations, it falls out of our scope to be able to support and our knowledge around it is very limited.

I do also want to point out that currently the new SmartThings Hub is only claimable in the new app, which doesn’t currently allow the use of any custom SmartApps at this time as well.

Apologies that I have nothing to give but bitter news, but if there were any other questions or things that you wanted to work on, feel free to let me know and I’d be happy to help any way I can.

With regards,

SmartThings Support

The answer was disappointing as it was NOT addressing the IDE bug, and also because it was misleading… the support person essentially said that my custom smartapps/devices would not work as they are not supported by the new app which is required by v3. We all know this is incorrect… they are not making it easier on themselves by spreading incorrect information!

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That truly sucks, I hate to have to go through this over and over again.

I see it as an opportunity to refresh the setup. I am sure I have some Poltergeists floating around my v2 so setting everything up again gives me a chance to start fresh playing Ghost Busters (aka re-setting everything up) for a week or two.

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Hi I have just set my new v3 hub up with the new app and I want to use the classic app so I can add smart apps how do I do this? When I click new user it asks me for a code that I do not have?

Are you selecting Samsung as your login account?

Thank you ive just sorted it

hell. can you explain how? i have v3 and new app but i’m trying to make old one working with it and i can’t. could you explain step by step?

Classic app? Once you set up the v3 hub using the STSC app, you can login to the Classic app to manage the hub. Select New to SmartThings when you login to the Classic app and use your Samsung account.

but then it shows that user exists but when i try to login then says wrong password or user

Are you using the same Samsung account for both apps? And you selected New to SmartThings and selected Samsung as the account to login with? Do not select - login with existing account.

thank you. now it worked :slight_smile:

old app is much much more better


hello again. i have another problem now. i wanted to add to my hub new user. so i’ve sended invitiation on email. he receive it. but. but. he has a samsung mobile with his samsung account so when he log’s into smartthings app it doesnt show my hub. can somebody explain why and how to solve problem? off course im talking about old app because this new one is s h i t.