Konnected devices and V3 hub?


I am trying to set up SmartThing V3 with t the Konnected.io system after a few bugs with Konnected.io have found out their code only supports V2 and Classic app. As I know have learned V3 hub does not support the Classic app and Konnected does not support V3 has anyone found a workaround for this issue?

You have to use the new app to set up the V3 hub, but after that you can use either app or both. Many people are using both because of the issue you ran into: there are a number of features/devices which just aren’t supported in the new app. On the other hand, we do know that the classic app will be going away eventually, so if you’re starting from scratch you may not want to choose something that requires the classic app. That’s up to you.

The following thread describes the current known differences. (The thread title is a clickable link)

You should ask the support from Konnected for questions specific to that product. :sunglasses:



V3 hub is completely compatible with the Classic App, except for the initial “join” process.

You can install New App to connect the Hub, and then uninstall it. No need for it at this time.

OK thank for the help, how do i switch to classic? When I open the classic app it wants me to add a hub and enter a welcome code. I do not have a welcome code

I spoke to Konnected group and of course they are working with ST to update their product

you have to first use the new Smartthings App and add the hub. Then only switch to the classic app and you’ll be ok without being asked for the code.

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Assuming you’ve already used the new ST App to register the v3 hub… When you log into the Classic App, choose “New User” and then enter your Samsung Account credentials. This will keep the classic app from trying to register a new hub. I know this sounds backwards, and it is, but that’s how Samsung is rolling these days. It’s been over a year since the introduction of dual mobile phone apps, and they still haven’t gotten all of the issues sorted out.


Ok, I have really screwed things up my ST app is called Home with a xxx@gmail address, STclassic is called Home with XXX@outlook address and my ST groovy IDE is called MeskusHome with XXX@outlook address.

And I still cannot get classic to connect to my V3 hub no surprise since the email account are different

Is three a way to delete everthing and start over? or change one or more of the accounts to align them?

In the Classic app go to my account and sign out, Then sign back in with the same username and pass word you used in the new app.

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