New SmartThings app

I just want to make sure I’m not missing out on something, but I can’t seem to get a clear answer on the new SmartThings app as I read through the forums.

I understand that I should keep using the SmartThings classic until I get a notification, of which I have not had any such notification yet. I have already created a Samsung account and linked it to my SmartThings account, and have tried logging into the new app, but I can’t do anything with it. My hub doesn’t show up, not can I add it.

It seems like most everyone is using the new app as I read through. Am I doing something wrong, or do I just need to have more patience?

You must wait until you receive the migration, I did the same as you but it will not work until your original Smartthings account has been migrated to Samsung account.

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There are still many of us that have not been migrated. You just have to wait. Unlike you, I am not looking forward to it so they can take as long as they want as far as I am concerned.


I would say less than 10% of the people on the forum are using the new app. Anyone who is using web core, for example, is still using the old app. Anyone who is using custom device type handlers is probably using the old app.

It’s true that a couple of the most frequent posters are using both apps at the present time, so that may have been what confused you. But for now, just be patient. The new app isn’t really finished yet. :sunglasses:

See the FAQ:


i have receive no notification also…
How is their selection works? based on region?

The implementation of the new ST app has taken a similar route as the implementation of Bluetooth on the ST Hub v2. These things take time :laughing:

Checking on this thread again; is there any ETA for the new app to come live for the rest of us? I got the alert to update my account online so I now have a Samsung Account, but have not been prompted to use the new app yet. Things are working great in the old one, for now…

It is recommended that you continue using the Classic app at this point. But you can install the Samsung Connect app if you want and check it out. You can login to both apps with your Samsung account.

Thanks! I gave it a try just now and noticed that indeed some of my device types don’t seem fully supported. Certain custom handlers I’ve downloaded don’t display status properly, and even some certified integrations (like my Rachio or Honeywell thermostats) seem incomplete.

The new app definitely looks cool, looking forward to being able to switch completely.

Oh, nice. Very interesting. The ones I’m having trouble with are community created (with the exception of the Rachio, which is bone stock all the way down) - will post on that other thread and see if anyone has any thoughts. Seems like it might need to wait for a formal dev guide/SDK/whatever is appropriate to be released, though - that thread is full of speculation on how to fix existing handlers and whether those fixes will be durable.

I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere. But what’s the best way to move forward when your significant other has a Samsung phone (s6 edge plus) that forces the new app on the phone, when you already have the classic SmartThings app? I’m not sure how best to proceed since we use mobile presence in the classic app, but it’s not currently working right.

Noticed something weird. When I installed the new app on my phone, logged in, etc. it automatically created a new thing of presence for my phone. This in addition to the one created in the old app. No problem here. But when I installed the new app on my Wife’s phone it never created the new presence thing. Not sure why the difference. Both Androids.

So I’m fairly new to SmartThings and I really tried to use the new app, but I find I must use the Classic app to get anything meaningful working. Now I run both apps. The new app, IMHO, is a broken child of the old app and it’s nearly useless. Even SHM doesn’t let me see all my lights. Probably because of the Inovelli custom DTH’s. Everything works great in the Classic app. I do have some Automations I created in the new app that don’t show up in Classic. Maybe a dozen or so.

Very bad Samsung, very very bad.

I recently bought my first ST hub and a few devices. I really tried using the new Connect app from the start but it is just not usable. Most of the online help (YouTube videos, articles, posts in this forum) use the Classic app. You would think the apps would be similar enough to allow users to apply the information to either one, but nope. Many key features are missing from Connect (e.g., setting up a phone number for notifications…easy in Classic…but Connect, I still have no idea how to do it…not sure it’s even possible). I’ve learned to use Classic exclusively and save myself the time and headache. My only worry is will there be a dead end to all the work/automations I’m putting in Classic? There better be a way to fully convert all accounts to Connect when it becomes the only option and Classic is ended.

Still a lot of us not migrated?

My classic app works perfect, got a create a Samsung account, but not to migrate. Have new tv and phone that will only run the new app, unfortunately the new app doesn’t update the status of any device when selected, thus the device will change state, but can never be changed back till you exit and reopen the app. Also, a lot of devices have no option to change state, just listed with blue background.

Glad I bought a new expensive samsung tv and phone that are nearly.bricked with new app and no way to fall back to classic app.