V2 ST's Dashboard WHY? HELP!

Not happy with ST’s v2 dashboard!!!

  • First TCP decides they don’t wanna participate in cloud service anymore so all 40 bulbs I have are completely useless. Do the math! Now I’m nervous about spending money into another system thinking the same thing will happen.

  • Second the transition from v1 hub to the v2 hub was a complete nightmare! Doable but nothing smart about that process.

  • Finally, once I finally got all my things on v2 I see the dashboard isn’t a dashboard anymore. Serious what the heck is going on?? I spent countless amount of hours on getting this perfect over the last 3 years without any major issues! Now I decide to “upgrade” to a better hub and for what!

Now the part I need some guidance!
Can someone please tell me how I can make my schlage century locks alert me when it locks and unlocks! Second I want my lock(s) to open when someone arrives (like it did on v1) not using the hello home function. Here’s my issue I have hello home set up, but I work very late a couple times a week so after 11pm I don’t want everything to turn on at 2am. I want the lock to open without waking the entire house up. We were able to do this with ease in the old dashboard and I’m hoping someone knows a trick or app to get that back. I’ve spent a good part of the day and yesterday trying to find it with no luck.

Thanks for any input!

Sorry about the struggles with v2. After reading horror stories from others, I just stayed on V1 for now…

As for your nighttime issue, I’m working on a similar situation for coming home on poker nights. My plan is to setup a CoRE piston to turn off SHM and open my garage door (lock in your case), WITHOUT changing the mode of the house and turning on all the lights or blaring alarms. I’m going to restrict the “I’m back” routine to run when NOT in sleep mode.

Good luck!


Thank you very much! I bought the hub months ago and finally had a weekend to play! So last weekend I poured myself a nice single malt (neat) and began the process. After 5-6 hours and half the bottle gone I gave up lol! So now I’m piecing this back together slowly! Probably the biggest mistake I made, but whatever can’t cry over spilled milk is what they say.

I have CoRE downloaded and now the fun part in figuring out how to use it lol. I’m curious if you’ve got it working to the specs you and I need it for?

Thanks again!

This is perfect!

I also had a app where the foyer light would come on and go off after 5 minutes. I can do all that here or should I set up 2 pistons? 1 for the lock and 1 for the light?

Thank you so much!

Outstanding and thank you very much! I just finished setting up the lock now lets see if I did it right lol.

Lock Manager has a function to alert you when you lock and unlock the Century.

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