Should I join the ST universe?

Firstly, sorry for starting a new thread. I saw several others out there regarding similar issues, but from what I saw most of those were complaints of advanced functionality which I don’t plan on utilizing just yet. I recently purchased a RCS Z-Wave tstat that is compatible with ST hub. I planned on installing a whole security system securing three doors, eight windows, and two light switches that come on when one of those sensors is tripped. Also I wanted to install a remote temp sensor in a bedroom and run the tstat and remote sensor averaging. My issues is that I have been seeing a ton of complaints regarding reliability and functionality of the ST hub both V1 and V2. With my proposed setup should I be looking elsewhere? Would the ST V2 be able to handle my minimal system with no issues? One catch, it needs to work almost flawlessly or else the boss will make me remove everything and get a much more expensive solution.

My background is in building automation, using multiple front end systems, from Andover to Niagara, the programming side isn’t going to be a huge issue. Reliability is my main concern, given the new stuff I’ve seen for building automation I am hesitant to automate anything these days… But I need a security system and HVAC control. I would prefer to have the ability to upgrade and change things around as I see fit.

Any suggestions or ideas are most welcome! Thank you!

If you need a reliable security system and HVAC then it’s not there yet. If you don’t mind your system not doing what it’s supposed to do once in awhile and like to tinker, come on board :wink:

Most days it works, some it doesn’t.


I’m a new user. About 12 days in. So far, it’s much more reliable than the only other system I’ve tried. The only issues I’ve had were user error. I only have the starter kit, 6 GE bulbs, and a garage door relay hooked up ATM though.

Another new ST user here. I’ve had my system hooked up since Saturday.
Previously I was using the Staples Connect Hub just to get a feel for HA.

So far things are working well for me, but Staples was quicker to respond and more reliable (some minor lighting issues with only 2 of 3 lights coming on at times, nothing major).
My reasons for upgrading were the fact I wanted to expand and integrate more. Staples has no IFTTT support and, really, no Zonoff/Staples support anymore. Nothing new is being added to the supported device list and that makes it a dying system.

With the main requirement being “almost flawless” I think you may want to hold off for now. We may get there (and I hope we do!) but for now, the minor growing pains may be an issue in your case

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Short answer? No, stay away if you need reliability. I’ve had the system about 2 years now and multiple upon multiple times things will stop working, then eventually work, or even just stop working for good. Possible fix I’ve heard (if your interested) involves starting from the beginning with the hub again from scratch and re-adding all or just the devices that failed just to see if that helps (no guarantee) so that’s what you can look forward to.

What I really mean, in your case, is that sometimes the lights might not come on, but most of the time they will if they haven’t already reached a state of being completely broken.

Bottom line…when the system works, it’s great and you’ll enjoy it but when the system doesn’t work, which it will fail, you will regret it, and your boss (presumably your wife I’m imagining) will start to get pretty upset with you and your “gadgets” very quickly which was in my case, especially since HA is not cheap so goodluck justifying the price to your “boss” at that point haha. Also note I’m speaking from the V1 case but I’ve read the V2 has most of the same issues.

  • If you need reliability, this is not it. Nothing more to it, avoid it!
  • If you (and your boss!!!) can suffer with the devices sometimes not working or completely failing and you are going to most likely have to fix it yourself then go for it!

Not much more I can add besides what I mentioned and what you probably already know and have read! Good luck!

In terms of alternatives, I think tons of people have mentioned there really isn’t a shinny star out there yet for HA (well one that isn’t crazy expensive) but maybe someone else can fill this in for you. By shinny star I’m pretty much referring to a system you can always rely on (95% of the time).

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Wouldn’t recommend you ST for security. Or any of the other DIY home automation solutions out there. If you live in a community where there is about 2 crimes a year, by all means go with ST. If you are more concerned about security, then try one of the actual home security companies.

It’s not like ST fails every single day. At least not for me, couldn’t speak for others. But it does fail sometimes, so you don’t want to put your security in a system that you now has the possibility of failing.

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There’s also the issue that even if everything is working perfectly at your house, SmartThings will push out firmware updates that may take your system offline for several hours, typically in the middle of the night, that you cannot reschedule or postpone. That’s not what most people expect from a security system.


Thank you all for your input! I think I will get the ST hub just for HVAC control and some other little doodads. Its quite clear that its not there for security or anything of importance.

I don’t think it’s ideal for security, but it’s better than nothing at all if you wanna throw some contacts on your exterior doors. I just wish it would reset itself when something happens rather than needing to hit the button

Would power cycling it work the same as hitting a reset button?

I would think so, but I’m talking more when it needs a reset after maintenance or something and you’re not at home

Yes, I only ask because they make app/IP controlled remote power switches. Once the hub is down one can easily login remotely and select power cycle to the remote power switch and restore comm. They only cost about $100 some cost more, but your basic model is around $100.

If the manual reset button is needed that would obvious not work for this situation, but if a simple power cycle fixes everything this could be an easy solution.

Also you can set the remote switch to power cycle on a schedule, if you are out of the house for a week or so the device could power cycle twice a day, every day while you are away to prevent the hub from going down.

Just brainstorming here, sorry if this isn’t the right place for it.

ST hasn’t been good or reliable lately… stay away for a bit.

To power cycle st v2 you need to unplug power and remove batteries.

I think it varies person to person. Only issues I’ve had were being new and lost

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Well, I just experienced my third outage in the past week… and judging from the community response, I’m not alone. Perhaps these outages are a regional thing? In any event… I can’t recommend something that’s currently on its third outage in a week.

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Could be. I’ve had no issues at all

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I just experienced the first 24 hour period where everything worked since I climbed on board in May 2015.

Yikes. I’m glad I bought this here so I can return it in 30 days if it is as bad as I hear. We live in a safe area but like the added security features. Motion sensor, door sensor, camera. I may make a backup system with the Particle WiFi board.

spoke too soon. ST didn’t realize 6:30am came this morning. So one of my routines didn’t fire.