V2 hub was delivered ...should I install?

I’ve been reading different things about the new hub. I have about 60 devices on the original hub and recently just tweaked everything and it’s working perfectly. Is there any value besides the hub still operating in power failure? Should I install or should I wait for future enhancements?

Do it man! Do it now!!! The future is here, don’t be left behind! :smiley:

If what you have is working perfectly, there’s no reason to upgrade. I would wait until there’s something that you know you want, perhaps when the Bluetooth radio was turned on or there are more local processing options.


The lags are definitely reduced via Smart Lighting.

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I agree with @JDRoberts. Unless you desperately need battery backup or video streaming, you should wait. Migrating 60 devices will take many hours of your time. Might as well wait for a migration tool.

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No please send to me instead (LOL)

I’d recommend waiting if you can. There is some key functionality missing in v2. It depends on your setup, but garage doors and dashboard information are examples of what is currently worse in v2.

I received my hub yesterday. I have about 200 devices but am down to about 140 because the V1 hub couldn’t handle that many. I noticed on the box it says 100+ devices. Ben always touted the new hub had more horsepower.

Does anyone have first hand experience in capacity thresholds yet?

Find out and let us know!

I’d hold off if you have Garage Doors, or rely on the old “Doors & Locks”. You can no longer pair a relay and a tilt sensor to create a garage door. You also cannot pair an open/close sensor and a z-wave lock and view/control it as a “door” like you could previously. I’m extremely disappointed with v2. It feels very unfinished. I’d go back, but I just don’t have the stamina to migrate everything again.

If your setup is mostly just controlling lights then you might be okay. That said, even the “Smart Lighting” has issues for me. I have my lights turn off after motion stops. If I stop moving, then move again, the countdown doesn’t reset. So my lights constantly go off while I’m in the room moving around. Then they wont turn back on. I can see the motion events are going through. It just isn’t resetting the timer based on the new motion event.

Everyone else seems to love the new v2 hub so maybe I’m just crazy. I really want SmartThings to succeed, but I am concerned that they wont with the product in its current state.

You cannot go back. Once removed all of those modules, doors & locks for example, are gone even on V1, There is no way to “Downgrade” once you have removed the location and all smartapps.

One thought…

Common sense would lead me to believe the more V2 adopters able to run local processing for lights the less congested cloud processing would be?

Maybe not a huge deal, but then, every little bit helps for us V1 users :wink:

Ha! Well, I guess that makes my decision easy then.

Hopefully things will improve soon. If not, my next “migration” will likely be to another platform, or to something I custom build myself. They really rushed this thing out before it was ready.

I wish they were more up-front about the functionality that would be lost in the migration. It’s so much fun explaining to my Wife that I spent money and time to “upgrade” us to a worse system. Thank goodness she is incredibly patient and supports me in my ridiculous hobbies.

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