V2 hub upgrade or not

I have been browsing threads on the v2 hub but I can’t seem to find a definitive list if differences and reason why I need to upgrade. I have a smallis system compared to some of you. 4 door and 2 garage door monitors mostly z-wave, a handful of GE zwave wall switches. I want to add a camera to monitor the outside but I am not sure a upgrade is worth it to do this.

Is there a white paper on the differences? . Has anything new been added to v2 since it has been release? Are there release dates for any new features.


  1. Video integration with certified video cameras (beta stages and I don’t believe a lot of folks use and like this, but I could be wrong)
  2. Local processing for Smart Lighting app rules (I don’t believe there are any others now, but could be wrong and they claim they will be expanding this)
  3. Battery backup
  4. Bluetooth LE port for possible future use.

If you have a relatively small infrastructure, it might be worth it. It’s all about the pain you want to go through migrating. I have 113 physical and virtual devices with all sorts of integrations, rules, etc. it would be painful and time consuming for me to migrate and I continue to expand on my v1 environment as I am unsure if there will be a better product out one day from someone else or an actual migration tool. I am prolonging the inevitable.

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Is it less buggy. I use Rule Machine for most thing before that I had some timed events with the iOS SmartRules appication. Simple stuff like lights on off at a certain time. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t

Right now V1 gets bug fixes quicker, since v2 updates require firmware updates.

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Battery backup on the hub means little when the only locally executing app is Smart Lighting (which is far out-performed by community written apps like Rule Machine). If you’re running any other Smartapp (even “official” ST ones), you’ll be dead in the water during a power failure because your modem and router will be offline. An in-home UPS powering your critical components is a much smarter idea.

The only compelling reason I can think of for going to v2 is because I feel it’s just a matter of time before ST blames all their system failures on users of v1 hubs “dragging down the system with their antiquated hardware.” They’ve tried every other excuse, so I’m sure this is coming.

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This would be crazy since the only Real difference is 1 smartapp runs locally…Which I think most power users don’t even use since it’s so far behind the popular Rule Machine.

Also they’re issues are clearly infrastructure… Both hubs need to talk to the web no matter what. So getting rid of V1 doesn’t really reduce load at all.

Save your money.

Two smartapps can run locally (Smart Home Monitor and Smart Lighting) if all the devices they use are default devices. The batterybackup is nice, but pointless if you need the internet. If I lose power, I will probably lose internet.

If everything is working fine for you, I would hold out.

I do have most my lighting set up on Smart Lighting, its about half to a full second faster than rule machine, which is needed for a couple rooms I have that I want to light up quickly. But these are basic rules (if motion turn on). All my more complicated rules are rule machine.

edit: Even with all the problems with ST cloud, my local rules seemed to fire just fine.