V1 to V2 Hub.. is it time to upgrade?

I got the V2 Hub right when it came out, and I waited a few weeks while i was planning on migrating my 100+ devices over. The issues started with the V2 Hub, and i have been patiently waiting for it to be stable enough.

I know it is a big process to remove and re-add all my devices, Smart Apps etc, but do you V2 Hub owners feel that it is time? I didn’t want to lose the other dashboards I have besides the SHM, I know when the Hub v2 first came out you couldn’t have the Door & Locks, Light & Switches etc dashboards are those available now or would I still lose them?

Additionally, I have most types of devices a lot of Z-wave switches and receptables, mix of Zwave/Zigbee contact sensors and motion sensors, water leak sensors, Netatmo Weather Stations, Hue, Sonos, Echos, MiniMotes, Zwave KeyFobs, Foscams and I have my Craftsman Garage Door integrated, Smart Tiles, BloomSkys, and presence detectors.

I don’t use a ton of automation but some, and I have 6 modes and the routines to change them, is it worth upgrading now ? Or am should I just stay on V1, it has been pretty stable for me or is it worth switching now?

Personally I am staying on V1, but trying to make as much use of Smart Lighting as possible since that is pretty much the only benefit V2 brings (for now). If Smart Lighting covers my critical needs, then I will appreciate V2’s lower latency and offline processing of these automations.

I moved all my devices from v1 to v2. Like you, I have tons of zigbee and zwave devices. It’s a pain to move zwave over. Seriously it’s not worth moving over right now. No Bluetooth, local processing is very limited and still use cloud schedule. I don’t have a ton of automation either. Mostly for turning on exterior lights or Vent fans with the more reliable IFTTT. Maybe hold off until they update all the platform bugs in the next few weeks or the migration tool (just a matter of time right?)
I have another location with V1 hub and no plan for upgrade.

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@Navat604 @tgauchat Thanks for the replies… i was hoping it might be time to go to V2. It just makes me a little sad in my heart seeing it sitting there on the shelf doing nothing. :frowning:

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Same here, buddy, same here… Mine is sitting next to my desk. Like a monument.

Was in the same boat about three months ago — had two v2 hubs still in the boxes. What I did was to SLOWLY (molasses-SLOW) migrate the things to the v2. I hooked up both v2 hubs in parallel to the v1 hubs (one is at another remote location) and didn’t even do anything additional for about one week. Eventually, I moved one non-critical thing (SmartWeather Tile, LOL) over to one of the v2, and it stayed that way for about another week. Anyway, I started moving over the Hue Bridge, some sensors, then z-wave outlets (for outdoor landscape lighting), switches, etc., over a period of two months :slight_smile: It took me three months to completely migrate everything to the remote v2 hub. The process was relatively painless, and it gave me a chance to rethink my setups.

At one point, I had four locations to check on the mobile app, to see if everything was working — wasn’t very convenient, but I’m back to two locations now :smile: BTW, everything’s been running fine at both locations — lights turn on/off when scheduled (offset sunrise/sunset and time), mobile presence works, SHM works (arms/disarms when scheduled, alerts/sirens work), etc.


Sorry about reviving such an old thread but I have a highly relevant question that fit here. I just bought a second home and want to use my old V1 hub there as a second location to my main V2 hub at my primary house. I assume that is doable but my main question is can the old hub be reset or rejoin even though it was previously configured? I still have the commection card. Like many people here my old V1 hub has been sitting gathering dust for two years now so it would be great to see it put to use.

Definitely… at “worst” you will have to contact Support@SmartThings.com and give them a clear photograph of the bottom of the hub showing serial numbers, etc… They will reset their database so it can be joined to a different Account.