V1 vs v2 Hub Have things improved?

I’m currently running on a v1 hub with 20 or so devices. Looking at buying the Monitoring Kit for $199 on sale which includes a v2 hub. So far my v1 has been rock solid, but I’ve heard complaints around v2. Have things calmed down or are their still issues with the v2. Trying to decide if I should upgrade or not. Cheers!

FWIW, support told me not to bother upgrading to v2 as there will be better options in the future (paraphrased)

I have one v1 hub, and two v2 hubs. The issues aren’t really related to the hub itself, its more about the cloud service. My only thought on v2 is some of the local processing and handling video streaming…that’s the reason I got v2 for the other locations. I am not there much and wanted that capability.

Hmm. Ok. I was going to buy a couple of door sensors and motion sensors, but the kit seemed cheaper. Hate to buy the kit if the hub is useless.

Just depends on your needs. If you value some local processing for better performance and reliability as really important to you, v2 is your next step.

My v1 has always been very snappy even with cloud trips except for rare stretches its had some speed bumps.

You can usually find door sensors and motion sensors cheaper than direct from ST. Although right now ST has 20% off their sensors. If you don’t want the v2 hub - just buy their discounted sensors. The lowes iris sensors are also good.


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I would also add that the Lowes Iris purple box v2 contact and motions are excellent too. They are made by the same manufacturer as ST devices and of course are compatible.


Also, check out the “Deals” forum for some very good prices. Lowes Iris sensors were down to around $11 for awhile.


Thanks for all of the suggestions. Decided to buy just the sensors.

Could you elaborate on that statement? What was the context in which a Smartthings Support agent told you not to upgrade?