V2 hub still not appearing in new app

I tried to migrate to the new app almost two weeks ago. Only a couple of the devices showed up on the new app, and I have been unable to connect my hub. I keep getting a "There was a problem connecting to the hub. Check your network connection and try again.” error. I emailed customer service, and after a few of the standard back and forths, I was told it was sent to a tech and just to wait. I called customer service over a week ago and was told a tech would call me on Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s now Sunday, and no one has called.

In the meantime, I discovered that if I used the classic app to assign the devices to a room, they showed up in the new app! So now all my devices are showing up in the new app, but I still cannot find or add my v2 hub. Is there a way to assign a hub to a room? I have lost all hope that customer service will be able to help me at this point.

No, unfortunately you would need support for that.

It can be done in the new app but you are not seeing it in the new app. Just checking… you looked under menu > devices? I bet you have already.

I did. No luck. The hub shows up in the IDE and the classic app. I can control all my zwave switches with the new app, so I know that it’s communicating with the hub, but I just can’t see/add the hub. (So if I ever want to add a new device, I can’t select a hub…)

Hopefully support will get in touch soon and resolve it for you. I assume they are getting slammed right now with the migration.

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I finally received an answer from customer support that they fixed the issue on their end. The hub is showing up now. Thanks for the help!

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