Can't Add Devices in New App

am running a SmartThings Hub 2nd Generation.

I recently migrated to the new app. I can control all devices and everything works great.

The issue I have is that I cannot add devices while in the new app. When I try to add a device,:

  • Getting everything ready
  • Get started with your “device name”…I click “Start”
  • Select a hub and room for your device
    • Hub --> Select a Hub
      • No Hub in your current location
    • Room --> Select a Room
      • Select a hub first

Try as I might, I can’t seem to figure out how to get buy this. If I try to add a new SmartThings hub, these areas are populated correctly. Any other device, and I can’t add as it stops here.

I can add a device in the IDE and it shows up in the old app new app.

I can add a device in the old app, and it shows up in the IDE and the new app.

I read online that this can happen when your hub isn’t in a room. I don’t even have a hub device to add into any room. How exactly do you get the hub to appear?

HELP!!! :slight_smile:

What device are you trying to add? You have confused me.

In the new app, to add your hub to a room, go to the menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen)
Select Devices
Find your hub and open it
Click on More Options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen)
Choose Edit
Choose a Room and Save.

My hub does not appear as a device in the list…

you will need to contact ST support and ask them to fix it for you