Missing Hub in New App

I migrated to the new app, but my hub is missing. When I try to add a device it says I can’t because I have no hub. Obviously, I have a hub. In the Classic App my hub shows. I read on here to move the hub into a room, but can’t do that. When I go to a room to add devices the hub does not show up as an option. What do I do now.

I dread contacting Samsung Customer Support - they are the worst!

Two things to check…

  1. go to menu > devices and see if the hub appears there. I am sure you already checked there and doubt you will also see it.

  2. check if you have multiple locations. Also doubtful.

But most likely you are going to need to contact ST support and request they sync it so it appears in the new app. Then assign it to a room once the hub appears in the app as you pointed out.

Best method to contact ST support is to call them if that option is available in your region. Other options are to use the new app > menu > contact us. Or email at support@smartthings.com

Good luck!

Yeah, I combed through the forum before posting so I’ve done all those things. I did have multiple locations in the classic app, but nothing was “in” those locations. I deleted them and deleted the one that carried over to the new app. So all that remains in both is the 1 home location with all my devices (except of course the hub).
I re-installed the classic app last night and the hub still shows up there. I can’t add it to a room though - I saw that might fix the issue. It shows up in the settings of the classic app as my hub (as well as the online IDE thing) but isn’t listed as a device that can be added to a room.
I did reach out to Samsung Customer Support (which I loathe because they are usually slow and inept) - hopefully they surprise me by taking care of the issue quickly and easily…

Did you ever get anything back from support? I have the same issue and haven’t heard any thing for 6 days.

I’m currently having the same issue. Did you find a solution for this?