Cannot add devices in new app

Cannot any add devices since migrating to new app.
When I try to add any device I receive the error “Cannot add device, you need a hub to connect to this device”
Obviously I have a hub as all of my existing devices are working just fine.
Why does the new app think I do not have a hub??
I’m also locked out of the classic app now so I cannot use it to add anything…

Does your hub show as a device in the new app? Can you add new rooms in the new app?

You should be able to use the Classic app. Are you logging in as New to SmartThings and using your Samsung account?

I can add rooms yes
No I do not see the hub as a device in the new app
Should it be listed under devices?

After numerous tries the classic app finally quit automatically opening the new version of app for me
I was able to add the switch I was trying to include from classic without issue.
How do I get the new app to realize I have a hub?
This is weird.

Yes, it should show up. Best recommendation is to contact ST support and report the two issues —> hub not showing up and the inability to add new devices. Once they get the hub issue resolved, you will be able to add devices from the new app.

Three ways to contact them…

  1. email
  2. use new app > menu > contact us
  3. call if you are in a region where it is supported. Calling and speaking with support can generally be the quickest way to resolve issues.
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