V2 hub online but can't control devices

This evening I noticed the SmartThings button I use for turning on some lamps didn’t work so decided to investigate.

In the smartthings app none of the lamps which use Samsung smartthings plugs/sockets will respond even though they say they are online and the button shows as offline.

In IDE the hub shows most of the mains powered devices as online and the battery-powered devices as offline.

Rebooted the hub through IDE as well as pulled the power a few times but still the same issue… Could there be an ongoing or emerging smartthings outage in Europe/UK?

I’m getting no connection from my hub to the cloud either. Can’t login to the app either. I’m in the US. Can someone from Smartthings comment here?? Sure seems like an outage (even though the status page shows “operational” )

Hey there! @djsat2 @Tanraell, Thanks for reaching out, at this time the platform is showing as functional.

If the symptom persisted after the attempted resets I would recommend creating a Support ticket, please include the logs so we can look into tracking your concerns further.

You can reach out directly to a support team in your area using the below information:

US: 1-866-813-2404
US: support@smartthings.com
UK: support@smartthings.co.uk

I hope this message finds you well!


Everything was working again this morning but this eveing exactly the same thing has happened.