My v2 hub went offline today

My SmartThings v2 hub has been working perfectly for several months - until today. Suddenly it went offline and it still is - several hours later.

I know that SmartThings should push a new firmware today, but I have no idea if this has anything to do with my problems.

Has anyone else experienced the same and what can be done to fix this?

I really hope that I don’t have to perform any kind of factory reset as I have a LOT of equipment added to this hub.

Before doing anything drastic, you should contact ST support at


Thanks a lot for the tip.

I already sent an email to the team a couple of hours ago and hopefully, I will receive an answer from the team in a day or two. I just wanted to check if anyone else had experienced the same problem and if anyone could suggest if anything can be done to get the hub online again. I have a huge system and a lot of things have been automatized and now nothing is working.

I have a “spare hub” but as everything must be set up once more (it should surely have been possible to make some kind of copy of the setup) I am not looking forward to that job. Also, this “spare hub” should actually be used for another setup located in another part of the country.

I’m sure it has to do with the botched transformation to the new app. And supports answer is the new app doesn’t support 3rd party dth’s. Went from a ok system to a worthless one.

If you call support you will get a faster response. 1-800-SAMSUNG

You don’t have to wait on-hold. They give you the option of having them call you back when your spot comes up in the queue. I emailed and received no response after a couple days. I called and was talking to someone within 20 minutes. I finally did get an email response about 3-4 days later asking if I still had an issue.


@oldcomputerwiz - Maybe it could work if I call them directly. I just have a “small problem” - I live in Norway and SmartThings has not officially been released in this country yet. I will probably just cross my fingers and hope that the problem will be fixed.

@joewom - Doesn’t the new app support 3rd party dth’s? I really hope that this is not correct as I am using a lot of 3rd party equipment and ditto dth’s. I am still using the old version of the app and if you are correct it looks like I will soon run into some serious problems…

Custom device handlers are not working in the new app yet. Lot of things are still a “work in progress” in the new app. When you migrate to a Samsung login, you are instructed to continue using the classic app because of this. I think joeworm is using the new app because he has a lot of appliances that will only work in the new app. There are people that are currently running both side by side. I migrated to a Samsung login, have some custom device handlers, and am still using the classic app.


It does not you can see the decive. But can not control it in the app. The rep said the new app does not support them either. Yet I can still control them thru Alexa and Google home so ita not the platform but the thing they call an updated app.

I would if all my devices were not removed from the old app. I have 186 devices and not a newbie. Nor will I spend the time to add back all the devices to the old app.

Just wait I woke up to nothing but two appliances and 10 phone presence sensors that have been deleted 2 years to 3 months ago. Then let me know your experience with them side by side.

Did you check to see if you had a second location? That seems to be the common theme of disappearing devices. I would think that the devices are still working on the classic app since the assistant is still working.

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Sounds great that we are not forced to use the new app yet. Hopefully the team will include also the use of 3rd party equipment in short time. Thanks a lot for this information. I think I will continue using the old app for as long as possible.

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I haven’t used the new app yet. I was fortunate in that my migration did not generate the dreaded second location

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Wow didn’t think of that you are a lifesaver!!! You are 100% correct I have to home locations!! Thank you so much!!!

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Your welcome. It’s happened to A LOT of people. I did end up having to redo all my rules that used push notifications though.

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Based on what I’ve read, You will probably have to change the default location to your old home location and then you can delete the new bogus location.

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Ok got it seems tech support didn’t get the memo lol.

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That’s a shame. With the migration (and I do agree that it has been less than a stellar transition) I think that support is overwhelmed. They have classic users having issues migrating. They have new users trying to use the new app which was released incomplete. I would not want to be on that help desk. Most of the calls are from people who are not like us that understand the IDE, custom DTH, etc. Can you imagine the amount of hand holding? It’s not a good excuse since they created they problem but I do understand the situation of the help desk agents.

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You are true on that. But as you said it was their doing. Wouldn’t they release a tv without it working 100% or a phone? I don’t it.

Don’t be so sure. Stuff is rushed to market so fast anymore (without any real documentation) it’s really sad. I’m glad that you figured out how to fix your problem though. All those devices would be a real pain to re-pair and rebuild. Ugh!