Pair GE Link Bulbs with V2 hub

(Chet) #1

Hello, has anyone been able to pair GE Link Bulbs with the V2 Hub?..after failing with Cree bulbs over 2 days of on 2 seconds off 2 seconds, wait for the flash, cycle the hub, cycle the app and every permutation in between, i went back to Home Depot and swapped for GE Link…now same damn thing…wont pair…EVER!..i get the GE bulb to dim (reset), i turn it off, then start “add new device” on a fresh instance of the app and a freshly booted Hub…nothing…spinning circle…help?

(Sean) #2

Just did to of them this evening… worked like a charm.

(Tracy) #3

Yes, I have and I know others have as well. It kinda sounds like you have a bigger issue going on here. Have you reached out to support?

(Sean) #4

Chet… I can walk you through this. Is there a way to IM me directly?

(Chet) #5

If you can describe the process here, ill give it a shot

(Chet) #7

This is through the IDE or the app?

(Sean) #8

The instructions for the GE Link bulbs say turn the switch or screw and unscrew the bulb 5 cycles and it will begin to blink… when that happens, it’s ready to be found. Did you get to that point yet?

(Sean) #9

Through the app is the preferred method

(Chet) #10

Whoa…im confused…tirn the switch or screw and unscrew? mean turn off and on, or actually unscrew the bulb?

(Sean) #11

sorry… turn it off/on 5 times

(Chet) #12

No bulb is registered in the app…check

(Sean) #13

Wait 3 seconds or so between each off/on

(Benji) #14

I believe that’s only for Z-Wave isn’t it? These are ZigBee devices.

I have 20 GE Links and 4 Cree Connected bulbs connected to my V2 hub without a hitch. If the bulbs are brand new then you shouldn’t need to reset them but just in case:

3 seconds off
3 seconds on

Repeat 3 times. The bulb should dim and then snap straight back to full brightness when reset. Now switch them off, go into the SmartThings app and start the process to connect new devices (Marketplace --> Connect New Device), once it starts searching, switch on ONE of the GE Link bulbs, it should flash three times to show you it has paired and you’ll see it in the app.

(Sean) #15

The rest of your directions mirror close to what I did as well… took 5 times off/on.

(Chet) #16

Yep…thats what i think im doing…i get it to dim and snap back bright. Then turn it off. Then start the app and add new device. Then turn the bulb on…nothin…For DAYS!

(Sean) #17

Are you completing the addition of the new device? Clicking Done.? Just checking…

(Benji) #18

Then something much bigger is happening. How is the closest bulb you are trying to pair to the hub?

(Chet) #19

Yep…thanks E…i have 10 other switches, outlets, sensors paired no prob…but these bulbs are killin me

(Benji) #20

Do you have any other ZigBee devices paired?

(Chet) #21

I moved the lamp 6 feet from the hub…but…i do have a router in between the two??