Using your android smart phone and android tablet simultaneously


I am new to SmartThings and I have just installed the hub, a z-wave dimmer and a zigbee multipurpose sensor. No problems. I am using the SmartThings app on my android smart phone. My question is, if a add an android tablet with the SmartThings app installed, will I be able to use both my phone and my tablet to control devices (e.g., raise or lower the dimmer lights) and to set my security (Away Armed, Home Armed, or Disarmed) on either device for this one hub? Will they interfere with one another? How would I add the android tablet to my SmartThings environment? Thanks.

(Ricci Hoffer) #2

There will be no problems using an addition tablet or I-Pad with the ST App. Most on here probably have at least one tablet/I-Pad running, if not more spread through out their house. A lot users use SmartTiles (which is currently being replaced by ActionTiles) or Simple Device Viewer as an interface with ST instead of the ST App as they can be configured more to the user’s preferences. To add the tablet, just install the ST App and log in with your ST info. There are other things you can do with the tablet to further integrate into the ST environment, but you will see those as you look through the forum.

Edit: just make sure the operating system meets minimun requirements for the app. Not sure about IPad, but for an android tablet will have to be portrait due to the app.


Thanks so much for the clarifications!


If you are using your phone as a presence device but you are signed in with the same SmartThings ID on a tablet that stays home, The system can get confused about whether you are home or not. So many people just set up an additional user with a Gmail address and use that one for the tablet. Same smartthings account, but it looks like two different users, so presence still works.


Thanks, JD.

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I have never ran into the issue, but I guess I could happen. I am the only one in the household that uses the ST app, especially now with ActionTiles. And when I do, me, the phone and tablet are usually at home in most cases.