SmartThings Android app--only 1 login per hub?

A couple quick questions:

  1. Can my wife and I both install the ST app and log in with different e-mail accounts, but access the same ST Hub and configure our own alerts? This seems like fairly basic functionality but I don’t see any way to do it, unless I’m just missing something.

  2. Following up to #1…If I have a few Android devices, each with ST installed, can I restrict them so they can only be used as presence sensors? Or would I have to write my own Android presence sensor app and register it with my Hub as a custom ST device?

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  1. I don’t think at this time the android app supports multiple accounts. I think I read somewhere that the iphone app already does something like that, so it may be possible in the future. for now you’d have to log in on to both android devices with the same account.

  2. I haven’t seen a way to control which instances of the mobile app are able to see/control which smart devices, so I don’t know how you’d hide everything on a certain android device.

if you are wanting to make certain things happen when a certain device comes home or leaves, there is an “IFTTT locator” app available on google play. so you could have the IFTTT locator app installed instead of the smartthings app. the locator will notify IFTTT, which will then take action in smartthings. it’s kind of clunky, I know. IFTTT has its own native IOS locator, but not android (although I hear IOS7 broke it anyway). I believe the IFTTT locator android app actually sends an email to, which IFTTT uses as a trigger for other activities.