Android app on more than one device - how to make them unique

I have a tablet and a smartphone, and want my Smartthings app on both. However, when I sign in to both, it uses the same user, and messes up my modes. I have the ‘Away’ mode to trigger when my phone goes outside a certain GPS. But, if the tablet has the same login, it doesn’t work. So, I’d have to have both the tablet and phone with me every time.

Any way I can have a different profile for my tablet and my phone, but only have the one email for the account?
This might be a good reason for a smart presence sensor.

I haven’t tried it myself, but have you tried adding your tablet as a separate presence sensor by going + -> Presence Sensors -> Mobile Phone?

I just used a different email address for my phone and added myself as a Smartthings user. It works perfectly. I can use my tablet or my phone to modify settings but my phone is the only presence sensor.

You should be able to delete the tablet presence device from the IDE.

I’m pretty new to this, what is the IDE? And, how do I access it?

I tried doing the Presence Sensor> Mobile Phone, and, it worked for the tablet. However, when I tried to add my Phone, it automatically went to the Away mode and wouldn’t recognize that my Phone was on the WiFi network, or in the same GPS location. So, it wouldn’t see that the phone is home, which is what I wanted.

I guess I could disconnect the Tablet and phone, and connect the Phone first, then the Tablet. Maybe that would work? However, it would be better if both would work properly.

You can access the Integrated Development Environment by clicking the link on the top/right of this page. Once you register, you will be able to manage your devices and apps.

You should delete your phone as presence and try again. I don’t think the order of setup matters. I had to fiddle with mobile presence when I was first setting up, but good thing is that you only have to do that once.

It’s not working. Every time I try to add my phone, it automatically goes to “away” and doesn’t come back. I’m getting very frustrated with this.

I cleared the old Android from the IDE, and also the tablet for now. My phone is connected to WiFi, and I don’t know why it can’t hold a signal. I think I’ll look at using Tasker to trigger a scene when I connect or disconnect to the WiFi.