Smartthings app on 2 devices

I have the ST app on my phone and all my “things” are on it and working. Can I put another copy of the app with all my things on my wifes phone and on a tablet?

Yes, you can. You can also create and link a separate account for your wife.

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Do I just download the app to her phone, login with my account and everything will be there on her phone?
She is on iPhone 6 if it matters

Yes. But every user gets full control of the Account.

To use distinct login IDs… Use the Manage Users / Invite User under the My Account section of the App (in the hamburger upper right menu).

I think more granular access control will eventually be an option.

In the meantime, try smarttiles SmartTiles which offers up to 5 custom web browser dashboard control panels.


I have never used “code” before. Is this something I can just download?

Yup. It installs directly from the web page: (you have to try the three different “region” options… If you’re a new Account to SmartThings, the second option is probably the one to try first). Then go into hamburger menu on the SmartThings App to create and configure the dashboards via menu options to select your devices, etc. Drop me an email if you have any questions:

At one point I had four apps installed on four different Android devices. I didn’t have any issues. Since they brought back the multi id feature, my wife has her own user id, but I still have the app installed on my personal phone, work phone and a tablet.

If you want to give your wife a quick and easy way to access the SmartThings without opening apps and getting lost in multiple pages, I would go with SmartTiles, like Terry @tgauchat suggested.

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Can I also SmartTiles in my Browser?

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Yes… Under View Dashboard & URL, you can view and copy (email it, etc.) the URL for use in most versions of web browsers (especially meant for tablets and mobile). Community support is in this Topic: SmartTiles Dashboard v5.7: Release March 2, 2016

Thank you to everyone.

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