Using Tuya WiFi Sensors with SmartThings?

Yes I know but as you responded to my post couple of days ago, I purchased a Wi-Fi CO device and was able to add to Smart Life and Tuya app but wasn’t flowing to ST so wondering whether this will at least flow to ST from SL. The details are here,


Report Item

ONENUO Tuya Smart Home WiFi Natural Gas Sensor Fuel Coal Gas LPG Gas Leakage Alarm Detector Fire Security Protection Smart Life

Friendly Reminder:

  1. Does not support smoke and CO detection, only supports combustible gas detection
  2. Cannot install battery.
  3. Connect to router wifi 2.4GHz signal.

Product parameters:

◆App name: Tuya smart/smart life

◆ Input voltage: DC5V 1A

◆ Static Current: ≤220mA

◆ Alarm Current: ≤260mA

◆ Alarm Sound Level: 85dB/1m

◆Wifi: 802.11 B /g/n

◆ Installation Method: Ceiling/Wall Mounted

◆ Detection gases: natural gas/liquefied gas/biogas/methane

● Alarm Setting: 10% LEL

◆ Working Temperature: -10℃~+50℃

◆ Working Humidity: ≤95%

◆Size: 909034mm

If the above details are not good enough for you to tell whether this will flow to ST, then I will contact the seller. Let me know please.

I don’t know of any Tuya WiFi sensors (smoke, CO, gas, temperature/humidity, water, contact, motion, presence, formaldehyde, etc.) that show up in SmartThings using the official integration.

The official integration and the Tap-to-Run work arounds involve things like plugs, switch, relays, bulbs and other things you can be turn on and off.

Some sensors like contact and motion will show up in Alexa and can be used to trigger Alexa routines that trigger virtual devices in SmartThings.

Stick with ZigBee if you are hoping for possible integration with SmartThings.


I have one friend who decided at the beginning of this year that life would be easier if he just added a Tuya hub and ran all of his Tuya devices in a tuya-only setup and stopped trying to integrate them with anything else.

He says he’s been really happy with the results. He saved a ton of time and money, he gets to use all the cool Tuya features, and it’s easy to keep everything updated.

He still uses SmartThings, he just doesn’t try to use it integrated with Tuya.

It’s not a solution that will work for everybody, but it’s definitely one that makes shopping easier. :wink:


Has anyone bought this? If yes, does it integrate to ST from SmartLife? This model number is GS21 and is a Wifi version

Did you read Paul’s previous post?

Using Tuya WiFi Sensors with SmartThings? - #2 by Paul_Oliver

Sensors are not included in the Smart Life to SmartThings integration and at the time of this writing Tuya WiFi Devices do not connect directly to SmartThings.

Maybe someday if Tuya starts releasing matter over Wi-Fi devices you’ll have a selection that way, but otherwise, it’s just not an option.

I understand that people are attracted to tuya devices because they are inexpensive with a lot of cool features, but for now, they are best used with their own hub and their own app. It is what it is. :man_shrugging:t2:


Ah ok thanks @JDRoberts and @Paul_Oliver . I thought this could vary by model…

When I googled, it says this model is compatible with alexa but not sure to what extent because if it is compatible with alexa, then I can create a virtual switch and pick it up in ST right?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the details of exactly what information it exposes to Alexa and whether that information can be used as a trigger in an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine).

For example, I have a SwitchBot outdoor temperature sensor, which is “compatible“ with both Alexa and SmartThings.

In SmartThings, The temperature shows up in the SmartThings app and I can use that information in the “if” part of a SmartThings routine.

In Alexa, The temperature shows up in the Alexa app, but I can NOT use that information in the “if” part of an Alexa routine. The only thing I can do with it is to ask Alexa what the temperature is and she will tell me.

So the SwitchBot sensor is “Alexa compatible” but there’s no way to use Alexa to turn on a virtual switch when the SwitchBot sensor information changes. :man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t know for sure, but the Tuya GS21 might be similar, and its Alexa compatibility might be limited to letting you ask questions about it by voice. Not use it as a routine trigger. You would have to find someone who has one to ask.

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