CO Sensor in Smart Life Not Showing in SmartThings


I got a Wifi CO2 smoke alarm and it is pairing with smart life and tuya app straightaway but when I link it to smartthings, it gets linked but the device does not show up in ST? I tried clearing the app, deleting the deivce from smartlife and pairing it again but no luck. Any suggestions?

Not all SmartLife devices are supported through the cloud->cloud integration. You need to check with the manufacturer and/or SmartLife to see if it’s supported.


Was trying to see if I can do something via Alexa using a virtual switch but it doesn’t appear in the ‘Then’ condition in Alexa so need to return this device and get a refund.

Can anyone recommend a cheap CO2 sensors that work with ST or any other way out with Alexa or something else?

The only smoke/co alarm that I’ve seen that integrates directly with ST’s is a ZWave unit made by First Alert. Runs about $40US. You can pretty much go with any combo alarm and use an Ecolink Firefighter listener to integrate it with ST’s. I have Nest Protects and there’s no way to directly integrate them into ST’s. My solution was to purchase the Ecolink Firefighter, it listens for both smoke alarms and CO alarms. You can create routines on either of these events in ST’s. It also works with the Home Monitor plug-in in the Life tags of the ST’s app. I’ve got about 6 years until EOL on my Nest Protects, I’m hoping for more options when I get to that point, but for now this is how I made them work in ST’s.


You mean Carbon Monoxide (CO), right? Not Carbon Dioxide (CO2)? While there are some CO2 sensors available, particularly for industrial use, it’s not what you’ll find in most home automation/security systems.

For example, Nest Protect is a combined Wi-Fi/CO sensor, but doesn’t report CO2 levels.

Still, the Tuya platform does have some CO2 sensors, although they again are not typically intended for home use.

Just wanted to be sure what you were looking for. :thinking:

Apologies, I am looking only for Carbon Monoxide sensors and have changed the subject from CO2 to CO. I have a dumb device now in the hallway and I want to make it smart hence the ask. I have ordered this assuming it will work MOES Tuya ZigBee CO Detector Alarm Gas Leak Carbon Monoxide Detector Wireless Household Gas Siren Alarm Sensor Smart Safety Home - AliExpress 13?

PS - I already have a smoke alarm fixed in my kitchen.

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