Seeking device handler for tuya smart air box


I have bought the tuya smart air box (ZIGBEE 3.0 Smart Air Box Home Automation Carbon Dioxide Humidity Sensor VOC Temperature Sensor Alarm Detector Tuya/SmartLife|Building Automation| - AliExpress) knowing that it might not work with Smartthing.

Anyone know if there are a device handler for this sensor?

DTH are generally not used with WiFi devices. They are for Z-wave and zigbee devices.
Tuya & SmartLife have cloud to cloud (C2C) integrations with Smartthings. But the list of integrated devices is very limited. I would be surprised if this device is integrated.
In the Tuya or SmartLife app open the device and then click on edit icon (pencil in upper right corner). If there are any 3rd party controls such as Smartthings, Alexa, Google, IFTTT, etc they will be listed.

Well this device IS a Zigbee device and I can get it to connect to ST as a Thing. I am using tuya power plugs which works great with ST.
I have just seen that it put in the wrong link to the wifi version and not zigbee 3 - it has been updated

I just got mine, I ddn’t know there was a wifi version, I’m stuck with the zigbee version and I was able to add it to my smartthings hub, but no device handler that I’ve tested works to pick any of the sensors information.
I would rather not have to purchase a Tuya hub just for one device, so I’m also very interested in helping develop a device handler for it, but I don’t know where to begin.

How do I log the information that this device sends?