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someone has already used this device ?

That’s apparently some kind of Tuya WiFi device, but we would need to know the exact model number.

The SmartThings/Smart Life integration is at the account level, and not all devices come through.

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I have one that is very similar, if not the same. I just got it a couple weeks ago. It is NOT usable with SmartThings, and I don’t know of any workarounds.

I use it to control a Honeywell dehumidifier which uses the Tuya back end, so I wasn’t looking for SmartThings integration.

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I managed to see it in Smartthings through google home. But the readings are not prefect.

One trick I discovered with the SmartLife app, is that you can create “Tap To Run” Scenes that show up in Smartthings as switchable devices. This has allowed me to access to SmartLife devices and functions that don’t appear in ST through the integration. For example, I have a dynamic led backlight that synchronizes with the video displayed on the TV screen. There is no direct way to control the various “modes” on the backlight device throught ST, but I was able to create a tap to run scene for mode A and another for mode B. Each of these show up as a switch in ST to execute them.


How are you using Google Home to do this to bring this data into SmartThings?

Mine Tuya WiFi Temperature and Humidity sensor only displays humidity in Google Home.

by association

I understand how to link ST and Google. I have had them linked for years.

My question is how do you use Google to pull the temperature and humidity values into ST?


at first I started all my configurations with Google Home. Recently I replaced my conventional home alarm system for a Konnected board, but it is not functional with Home. So I started with Smartthings.

At one point I had several duplicate devices, I had to make choices to connect them via Home or ST. Neither (home and ST) can connect to all of my different devices.

First I connected ST with Home and that’s where I had almost all devices duplicated. They were connected directly with home and also indirectly with ST.

Currently I see my temperture sensor directly in the “Smart Life” application where I have all the features of the device. I can read it in ST by association and in home by double association (device→ST→Home). But the readings are far then perfect.

In short, I tried so many combinations that sometimes I don’t understand any more by where it connect.

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