Zigbee Smoke Sensor, ES63-D5Z Kaipule, Tuya


I bought a zigbee smoke sensor (linked below).

Connected to Smartthings as a thing but after hours of trying different smoke sensor device handlers I didn’t strike any luck.

Anyone have any ideas?

Zigbee Smoke sensor ES63-D5Z Kaipule

Zigbee allows individual manufacturers to use custom commands, which means even if a device is certified for Zigbee 3.0 it may not work out of the box with smartthings.

Tuya is one of the companies that does use some proprietary clusters for some models. So we just have to hope that someone has figured out what those are and create a custom code to make it work. It’s usually possible, it’s just not an out-of-the-box solution.

Since you put the model number in your topic thread, hopefully someone who has that model and knows how to make it work will respond.

But since it seems from your posts that you purchased a number of Tuya items recently, I just wanted to mention this particular issue. It may be less frustrating if you first search the forum to make sure a Tuya zigbee model does work with smartthings before purchasing it.

Thanks for the reply JDRoberts

Purchasing these devices was a bit of a gamble but I have had luck with other devices. ST has a great community and I posted these topics here in hopes that someone will unlock these devices for ST and thus make the number of devices ST supports even bigger. Not really frustrated about the incompatibility for now but I think these are great products to consider and worth the wait if/until someone cracks the code. And if these products don’t fly well with the crowd then I’ll just take the hit and consider some products that have been verified to work with ST :slight_smile:

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The “Zigbee Smoke Sensor” DTH didn’t work?

Can you post what the Raw Description is for the device in the IDE?

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Can you write something more? What other devices, e.g. Tuya, work without a problem with ST?


The ST stock “Zigbee Smoke Sensor” didn’t work. Altho it seems to be better than a “thing”, It shows up as “Checking…” in the ST app.
And when I click on it, it shows me this:

The Raw Description in the IDE is:
01 0104 0051 01 04 0000 0004 0005 EF00 02 0019 000A

Let me know if there’s anything else I could provide:)

Hi Andrzej!

Here are some of the zigbee devices I recently got that work great:
Tuya 5~32V Zigbee Switch Module 2 Channel With RF433 Zigbee Inching / Self-Lock / Interlock Switch APP Control Alexa Compatible
This works with ZigBee Multi Switch device handler.

Tuya ZigBee Smart Home Temperature And Humidity Sensor With LED Screen Works With Google Assistant and Tuya Zigbee Hub
This works great with SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor device handler

ITEAD SONOFF ZBMINI Zigbee 3.0 Two-Way Smart Switch APP Remote Control via eWeLink Support SmartThings Hub Alexa Google Home
I mostly heve these switches throughout my setup.

Tuya Smart ZigBee Power Plug EU 16A Socket Energy Monitor Singal Extender Repeater Remote Control Support Alexa Google Home
These work great as a switch but I haven’t got the power metering functinality working. It does report it once I select the handler and update it in the IDE but that’s the only time it does it. Other times it doesn’t update. Only if I update the device handler again.

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That’s definitely different than what’s in the list of fingerprints for that DTH.

Here’s what mine looks like for a Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector:

01 0104 0402 01 06 0000 0003 0012 0500 000C 0001 01 0019

and for a HEIMAN Smoke Detector:

01 0104 0402 01 06 0000 0003 0001 0500 0502 0B05 01 0019

Yours has the basic Zigbee clusters (like 0000, 0004, and 0005), but not the ones I’d expect to see for a smoke alarm (like 0500 or 0505).

What looks like is happening is that device is using a manufacturer specific cluster - “EF00”, so like what @JDRoberts said, it may be Zigbee 3.0, but it’s still going to need a custom Edge driver (DTH’s going away) for it to work with SmartThings.



thanks for the answer. Tell me what do you use this item for?

Tuya 5~32V Zigbee Switch Module 2 Channel With RF433 Zigbee Inching / Self-Lock / Interlock Switch APP Control Alexa Compatible

I am looking for something to control the garage door and the entrance gate all the time. I saw that Tuya has such solutions, but on Sunday I did not find whether it would be possible to run them in ST without using an additional Tuya gate.


I use it as a gate opener which is basically the same as a garage door opener. I have a separate switch for “open” and a separate switch for “close” in the gate control unit. So I just hooked up both relays to these switches and use them to trigger as necessary. But you could just hook up one of the relays to your garage door opener contacts and it will work.

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can you write me how to connect this system to the drive? I personally have a Somfy 800 IO and have a bell switch connected to open and close the garage door.


Garage door openers usually have two contacts that when bridged together for a moment, activates the garage door. So basically the switch module is set up in a way that when you trigger it, it only activates the relay for one second. And if you connect the wires from the relay to the garage door and then activate the relay, the garage door contacts get bridged for a second basically creating a momentary button press and the garage door reacts accordingly. To see which contacts on your garage door opener are made for this purpose you’d have to check the manual or see if there are any contacts already labelled when removing some covers etc.

If your garage door opener doesn’t have any contacts for this specific purpose then a little hack would be to solder the relay wires to the bell switch.

I recently bought a few devices at the Ali… under TUYA and one temperature sensor works : Tuya ZigBee inteligentna temperatura w domu i czujnik wilgotności z ekranem LED współpracuje z asystent Google i Tuya Zigbee Hub|Building Automation| - AliExpress and the other one: Tuya Wifi Zigbee czujnik temperatury i wilgotności Lux detektor światła kryty higrometr termometr z ekranem LCD praca Tuya Hub|Building Automation| - AliExpress , unfortunately, not fully, it was recognized as “Illuminance Sensor” and added on the placeholder controller and shows only LUX information. What driver to add to work properly?


please tell me the drivers in the application do you use for these items? I added them to the HUB, a few added as a “placeholder” other Normans but I have a problem with them, they disconnect from time to time and there is a problem with their reconnection.