Using smartthings hub with Samsung KS8000 TV 2016

I purchased a new 2016 Samsung KS8000 TV and a smart things hub. I have installed the SmartThings app on the TV. When I try to launch it, it asks me to connect the SmartThings Extend to continue. I am unable to signin to my account on the TV because of this. Is it possible to connect my SmartThings hub to the TV via USB port and use it as SmartThings Extend?

On the FAQ section in SmartThings Extend i see the following
Do I need a SmartThings Extend if I already have a SmartThings Hub?
No. You don’t need a SmartThings Extend if you already have a SmartThings Hub. Simply use your existing SmartThings account to sign into the SmartThings app on your compatible Samsung TV.

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You could create a Samsung TV device on SmartThings (use IDE to create a new device). I could do that, but it doesn’t respond to any of the commands. I have read others were not successful too. But your TV could be different, so try it out.

If you already have an actual separate hub, there’s no point in using the built in hub (with the extend stick) on the TV, use one or the other but not both.

That being said, the hub in the TV isn’t ready yet so it probably won’t work even if you did get a free extend stick.

Further, the USB ports on the separate hub aren’t enabled yet either :smiley:

In short, I’d use the physical separate hub, not the TV.

Did you ever figure out how to get this to work?