Controlling 2016 Samsung SmartTV with SmartThings Hub 2.0?

Based on the answer to the question “Do I need a SmartThings Extend if I already have a SmartThings Hub?” in the FAQ section of this SmartThings page, I should be able to control my 2016 KU7000 TV via my SmartThings Hub 2.0 after login to my SmartThings from my KU7000. I searched high and low for a place to enter my SmartThings credentials in the TV settings and searched for an Samsung App that might enable my TV to connect to my SmartThings account, but so far, No Dice. Where exactly do I enter these credentials? Where do I get an SmartThings App for my Samsung TV? And also… owners of 2016 7000, 8000 and 9000 series TVs were supposed to get a Samsung Extend USB adapter before the end of the year. What’s the status of the Samsung Extend?

Extend is discussed here:

The TVes that are compatible with the Extend will require the Extend to fully function with many features of the standalone hub.The Extend appears to be the Zigbee and Z-wave radios that a TV would need to function as a hub. It is still left to be seen if the TV/Extend combo as a hub will provide exactly the same functionality of the standalone hub.

There has been no announcement of exactly when the Extend will be available other than it will be available soon. There has been speculation if it will ever be available.

My opinion is to use a dedicated hub rather than a TV for a hub. For me this setup is more flexible but is a bit more costly since you have to purchase a separate hub.

I have yet to get my new Samsung ST hub v2 to control my new new Samsung 2016 TV. Both devices were purchased less than 60 days ago. As far as I know a working configuration to control my Samsung smart TV does not exist.

I am a bit disappointed with the current state of ST at the moment. My current 7 year old Control 4 system hands down beats ST. I installed home automation systems for a few years (including my system) so I have a little background in larger commercial automation systems.

ST hub costs anywhere from $50 to $100. I’m curious how much you paid for Control4? :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in the OP… I already have a SmartThings Hub 2.0. The answer to the question in the FAQ reads: “No. You don’t need a SmartThings Extend if you already have a SmartThings Hub. Simply use your existing SmartThings account to sign into the SmartThings app on your compatible Samsung TV.” Supposedly, all 7000, 8000 and 9000 2016 Samsung series TVs are SmartThings “compatible”. If this is the case, how do I use my SmartThings account so that the SmartThings App can detect my “compatible” TV?. In the SmartThings App under Marketplace there are not TVs listed under Things, Other or SmartThings lab.

GEKO, I worked for a Control4 dealer so I got everything at cost and did the install and programming myself. It was still way more expensive than many DIY systems because the hardware was more expensive and of a lot better quality than some of the stuff we are using now. A C4 dimmer was about $100 compared to $40 or so for some of the zwave stuff.

If I were installing the system I have for a customer rather tham myself it would have cost many thousands of dollars to have professionally installed. I loved my Control4 system but the hardware is dead and I no longer work for the dealer so I don’t have access to the hardware and tools. That is a drawback of a dealer installed system like C4, but it was rock solid for 8 years with no hardware replacement the entire time.

tamanaco, I understand what the FAQ says. I have a ST hub v2 and a supported 2016 model year TV. Controlling the TV from ST just does not seem to work.

It’s under Samsung Products in the ST hub.

There are also instructions here if it helps.