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Hello everyone i bought a UE65KS7000UXXU but it doesnt have the smarthings app installed i already bough some things but cant seem to get the TV to work as a hub, i believe this should be working as the tv has the iot slot in the back.
Many Thanks


Hi @Guizas,

Out of the box the TV won’t be a hub because it needs one of these:

it’s discussed here as well:

All you can do right now is preorder it and wait.


According with the official smarthings faq and i quote.

"What can I do with just my TV (no SmartThings Extend)?

Without the SmartThings Extend, your Samsung TV will still be able to connect with SmartThings-compatible LAN and cloud-to-cloud devices, such as thermostats, speakers, and more. But the TV on its own cannot connect with ZigBee and Z-Wave devices.

In other words, your TV has certain smart functionalities by itself, but the SmartThings Extend unlocks countless additional smart home possibilities."

So i was expecting to still be able to use it with limited functionality.


Right. SmartThings compatable, but not using anything with or through SmartThings yet. It’s confusing on how it’s worded, but to me that says the TV will work with network connected devices that are also compatible with SmartThings (Honeywell wifi thermos, Ecobee, etc). I also have a 7000 series UHD TV, but I haven’t experimented with any other network connected devices other than screen casting and sharing content with my other Samsung devices like my tablet, laptop, and phones.


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What country are you in? That page is specific to USA TVs. In the UK I don’t believe we have the SmartThings app on the TV…


Ok that makes sense im in the UK.
But its awkward seeing as i see the iot connect on the back of the TV.
Seems like im buying the hub. Thanks everyone.

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Well there is some activity . I just got an invite to betatest ST TV doggle. Too bad I am not going to go out and spend $4k on a new TV just to test it with ST.

Hey there,

We’re looking for smart TV owners that would like to test a USB dongle that connects to your smart TV and converts it into a SmartThings Hub, granting you control over a limited set of smart home devices, such as motion sensors and smart lights.

This opportunity is ideal for iPhone or Android users who own a 2016 Samsung Smart TV.

To learn more and apply for your chance to be a part of this test, click the link below.

Best of luck!
The Betabound Team

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reply and send them my way. lol

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Join Betabound and apply

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Can I still apply? I would love to try this out on my SmartTV