Problem Adding Samsung Smart TV

Hi All!

I’m trying to add one of my Samsung Smart TVs to my SmartThings hub (I have 3 TVs) and am struggling. I tried to do this initially a week and back it actually went well on two of the TVs. The third one however seemed to have difficulties.

I go through the following process:

  1. Add a new thing, and opt to manually select the type of thing.
  2. Choose Samsung Smart TV and proceed to the discovery stage.
  3. The discovery stage does find the TV, I select it and choose done. I then get the message on the TV to approve the connection which I do.
  4. After this nothing happens, I don’t get the success dialog any more, or anything else. Clicking Next simply loops the app to the discovery phase again and repeating yields the same results.

I do notice that if I go into the installed smart apps in the IDE during the process, I see the TV smart app, I see the TV connection but it remains at a PENDING state.

I’ve removed the other TVs however now have the same problem on them too when I try and re-add them.

Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers on how to further troubleshoot this issue?

Many Thanks,

No solution, but I’m having the exact same problem.

Check towards the bottom of this thread. Contacting support or following @defiante procedure he posted to get his working may get you there.

I’m having similar issues. I can’t get SmartThings to discover my TV at all.

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This is what you have to do.

Log into the IDE. Go to My Locations>List SmartApps> (then while the TV is showing the 'Allow/Deny message on the screen) You will see the Samsung TV Connect SmartApp listed in the IDE, hit ‘Update’ while the message is on the TV. The app will still seem stuck with the same message. Back out to “Things” list on your phone, and you should see the TV listed there now.

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What’s IDE… I have same issue. SmartThings can’t find my 2 Samsung TVs