Using smarthings to locate nearby devices?

I use Galaxy Tab tablets to run a service. The tablets are attached to hospital beds, usually in relatively short distance (few meters) once from the other.
In some cases, one of the beds leaves the area with the tablet and is difficult to locate it. I am looking for a way to detect when one of the tablets leaves the area (I understand that if a tablet is isolated I will not be able to detect its location).
Based on my experience witn Samsung devices, I can find the location of my devices and smartTags using the smartthings FInd app. I am looking for an API to retrieve the nearby tablets and collect that data to find which one is missing.
Is there a way to use it using Smartthings?

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No, it isn’t possible to get sensible information like the geolocation (latitude, longitude) from the SmartThings API. Only the SmartThings Find handles this information and the data of the geolocation isn’t saved in the API.

A while ago, people asked about that and this was the response from the team:


Thanks for your response. I don’t necessary need the location of the other devices, just to know if they are nearby.
As an example lets assume that a small group of users with tablets (only tablets known beforehand) want to exchange information and agree to do that. Do I have a way to know devices within that group that can now accept a connection ?