Smarttag not visible in webinterface

Hi, I recently received feedback about this:

  1. The SmartTags are considered privacy-sensitive devices, that’s why that information is not shared in the SmartThings API.
    • About this, think of when you give “read” permissions for all your devices to third parties, if people do it without noticing they would be sharing their exact location, they would be at risk.
    • In the SmartThings Find app, you can enable/disable location sharing
  2. The team mentioned that having that info available requires a lot of processes to define the purposes of the exposure and define privacy measures to protect the users. So, we can’t make promises about that.

The SmartThings Find app allows you to invite other members and share your device’s location with them, so they could help you locate your things in that case.

The team is constantly improving the tools they provide, your comments or reports about them help enormously in this evolution