Smart Tag API?

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I’ve been looking and reading posts about Smart Tag API and I’m trying to get a final understanding of the subject:

Is there any way to get a smart tag location via API call?

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here is a thread from December 2021…

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Sadly not. A number of interesting SmartThings capabilities, including the geolocation, are defined for the tags but only a couple of minor ones are exposed to end users, and even those don’t seem to generate events that end users can use outside of the app. About all you can read is some metadata from the device.

It seems we may be falling foul of privacy considerations and the need to let people understand and consent to their information being available in certain ways. It sounds like it is something that should be solvable but whether there is the will to do so isn’t clear, especially if the powers that be don’t see the use case.

I find it baffling that the mobile app is ever regarded as anything more than a limited, but better than nothing, way of doing anything at all. With the SmartTags it is the only way of working with them which is crazy. I am sure I am not the only one who can’t always immediately lay his hands on a Samsung phone that he can replace the existing Samsung account with in order to run the SmartThings app.

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I have a Location history option in SmartThings Find that tracks my tag location.