Using Multiple Smartthings Locations with Multiple Homes in Google Assistant/Home

Hello Fellow Smartthings Community Members,

OK, here is my challenge that I am hoping someone can assist me. I have put a ton of time into this and am desperate to figure this out.

Here is my situation:

  • I have Multiple Smartthings Locations set up (in my case these location are called: Primary Home, Office, & Vacation Home); these are set up as separate locations and each location is loaded to a separate Smartthings HUB as well in each of these physical locations.

  • I also have created MULTIPLE home locations inside my ONE Google Assistant/Home account. Therefore, I only have ONE Google account with MULTIPLE homes that I’ve created that need to be configured to the THREE Smartthings Locations.

So here’s my question/challenge: When I link my Smartthings Account to my Google Assistant account (inside the Google Home App), I am forced to select only ONE of my Smartthings Account Locations. Once I do this, only the devices for that ONE Smartthings Location that I choose are available to set up inside of my Google Assistant home locations (all 3 in this case). In my case, I need to be able to do the following:

  • LINK Google Assistant/Home Primary Home location to my Smartthings Location called Primary Home (with devices set up within)

  • LINK Google Assistant/Home Office location to my Smartthings Location called Office (with devices set up within)

  • LINK Google Assistant/Home Vacation Home location to my Smartthings Location called Vacation Home (with devices set up within)

Can someone provide me with the step by step instructions to be able to accomplish this?

Thanks so much as I am completely frustrated and desperate and need your help.


AFAIK, you can’t as of right now, without using separate ST accounts for your locations. This is true for both Google and Alexa. I have 2 locations on one ST account. I wound up going with Google for one and Alexa for the other.

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Hi Bryan, Do you also need to set up separate Google accounts as well? Or can you have one Google account as long as you have separate Smartthings accounts set up for each location?

Can anyone else share any insight on this topic?

That I cannot answer is I have only one of each.

Also, can you set up multiple ST accounts and still use the app on your phone? If so, how do you access each of the ST accounts using one app on your phone?

Does anyone know the answer to my question?