Multiple Google Homes using different accounts

Is it possible to have several Google homes dotted around the house with each on a different Google account but all connecting to a single ST hub?
My wife and kids all want their own, it makes sense to have one in each of the most used rooms to.

Haven’t tried it myself but I would think you could.

Google Home is planned to support multiple accounts on one device. How this will work is still to be made clear, and also how this will work with regards to ST is another question.

Does anyone have any ideas? I.e. will the device itself be linked to ST so any accounts on the Home can turn on/off lights, etc. or will each Google account need to be linked to ST?

You can certainly have multiple Google Home devices on seperate Google accounts. The real question is can each of those Goole accounts then link their respective SmartThings login to the Google Home. I searched the Google Home forums but did see anywhere that specific issue had been addressed. It sounds plausible on the surface but I don’t know if anyone has actually tried it.

Multiple Accounts on Google Home now available.