Google Authorization of devices on different locations on smartthings


I have more than one location in my smartthings app, and have different devices in each location

Whenever I try to authorize both location is not possible and only devices of one location are shown in google home app

Any solution?

As you see in below picture, can’t select more than one location, only one is allowed!

Unfortunately, there is no solution at the present time. Smartthings authorizes third parties at the account level, not the location level, so the third-parties get confused about what devices you have. That’s true for Echo, Google assistant, Ifttt, etc.

Smartthings has said they’ve been working on a solution, but they’ve had exactly the same phrase on the website for the last three years, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. :weary:

From the official FAQ:

Can I control multiple SmartThings or SmartThings Classic Locations with Google Assistant?
No, not at this time.

So far the only solution is to give each location its own smartthings account and its own Google assistant account. that works for some people, but not for others, it just depends on what you were trying to accomplish.

Thanks for the reply JDRoberts
I was hoping for an optimistic
However, the problem is not there on Alexa devices , it shows all my smartthings devices in all locations.

I believe the best now is to invest and support open source hubs like Openhab or home Assistant

Thanks again bro

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Yeah, with echo it may work a little differently, but there are still problems. For example, a lot of people try to set up a system in their parents’ house and then when the parents turn the lights out it turns out the light at their house, too. :scream: so in that case echo just doesn’t know that the separate locations are separate.