Switching locations in Google Home

I have two homes, 2 ST hubs, 4 Google devices, 2 at each house. Everything works great with the smart things classic app. I can easily pull down to switch locations.

I wanted to use the Google assistant to voice control plugs through another device. For example I have a kitchen display and tell it to turn off “peanut 4” one of my plugs. So I downloaded the Google home app, integrated SmartThings with it. Gave it permission to access my devices (home -14 devices) and was good to go.

On the weekend I go to my second home. I switch locations on ST app and everything works fine. Tell my Google home mini to turn off the bedroom lightbulb. Google assistant replies that need to set this up in the Google home app. I add a second location on Google home but it only shows me the devices I authorized for the home location. The only way I can get it to work is to remove home and repeat the process again by adding something I already have setup, choosing ST, giving it permission for the beach house (10 devices). Then I can use voice commands to control those devices.

When I get back to the first location I can no longer control my devices through a Google assistant unless I do the same thing again, deleted one group and adding the other.

I want toggle locations on Google home and control the devices as easily as I can on the SmartThings classic app. Help!

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Can I control multiple SmartThings or SmartThings Classic Locations with Google Assistant?

No, not at this time.

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Not having more than one location pertains to both the Google Assistant and the Amazon Echo. I wound up going with Amazon at one location and Google at the other.

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Thanks! I guess I’ll have to get another Alexa and a plug for her to control. Or live without. Bummer. It doesn’t seem like that would be a hard thing to allow. I hope it gets added soon!

Thanks for your reply.

I have a similar situation and the work around we’ve leveraged is creating one google account for each home as well as one smarthings account for each home. It maintains the one to one relationship and our Google voice devices owned by each homes account only represent the smartthing devices in that house. This allows all voice commands to function without confusion by anyone at the house.
If I do use my mobile device, it involves switching personalities which is easy on the Google side. Thinking there is a way to alleviate this piece, just haven’t tested it yet.
On the Samsung side, I leverage the classic app for one home and the new app for the second home.

Thank you! I’m guessing that if I go that route I’ll have to remove half of the devices from the original account and then add them to the new one. Not sure I want to go through the hassle but I probably will be happy in the end if I do that!