Problems | 2 SmartThings accts + 2 Google Home accts


I’ve had ST and GH setup at my home for a while now with various automations etc. and a fairly complex web of IFTTT, GH and ST devices/routines/automations all co-working nicely. I am also a member of my parent’s GH account as they have various Wifi (non ST) plugs etc. Until the scenario below i was able to have access to my parents’ GH account with no issues.

I recently installed a ST hub at my parents’ place along with some ST devices, this was setup on a new ST account and their GH account uses my mother’s Google account. On my phone I have access to both their ST and GH location/home so can see and control their devices.

I have now found the ST devices at my own home have now all stopped appearing in my GH account breaking a bunch of processes i had running. I’ve tried asking Google Assistant to ‘sync my devices’ on several occasions but this hasn’t worked and they cannot be found.

In an attempt to fix this i decided i would separate myself from the ST and GH accounts used at my parents’ place, i looked at unlinking and re-linking ST but the app within the GH app but i get a warning that all ST devices will be unavailable to all users and i’m worried all their ST devices will also disappear, as im separated by distance i don’t want to mess up the automatons i set up for their house unless I have to. I also looked into removing myself from their GH account but had a similar warning about devices becoming unavailable for all users.

I’ll have to try one/both of the above if there is no other way but i was wondering if anyone had any experience of knowledge with multiple GH and ST accounts?

Do you mean a member of their Home? You can’t be a member of someone else’s account.

Smartthings assumes all integrations are at the account level, not the location level. This can cause issues with Ifttt, echo, and Google home, as well as anything else using a similar integration.

So if you are able to see your parents home as a location in your app, then you have multiple locations, and then it can just be random as to which devices are available to the third-party integration. It’s definitely frustrating.

They’ve been talking about fixing this for literally three years now, but it is what it is. At the present time if you have different locations they have to be two separate smartthings accounts with two separate google accounts and no shared access. :disappointed_relieved:

Don’t get excited about the “we are working on…“ Statement in the following support article, it’s been there for more than two years. :scream:

Can I control multiple SmartThings or SmartThings Classic Locations with Google Assistant?
No, not at this time.

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Thanks for the help, i presumed it was something like that! Next time im down there i’ll have to separate myself from their homes/locations/accounts etc and hopefully that will sort it.

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I faced the same problem with two locations in my one ST account. Ultimately, I wound up with Alexa in one and Google in the other!