Can I now download and use the new iOS app over the classic app?

I was under the impression I was supposed to wait for Samsung notification to install and use the newer iOS SmartThings app.

I have had the notification to use a Samsung account and used that for a while.

On another thread someone was saying how in UK ikeau Tradfri bulbs were natively available but I couldn’t see them, we were using different apps.

So I downloaded the new app and lo and behold a complete different interface and numerous more devices built into SmartThings.

So can I use the new app now and just delete the old one? Does all the smartapps and controls port over, using the same Samsung account?

Do I have to logout of my old app and “remove location” from it also before using the new app


Both Apps connect to the same SmartThings Cloud and the same “Location” object in that Cloud. There are many posts which describe what to do if your Things appear to be missing in one App or the other - pretty common… usually caused by the New App creating a second unnecessary Location, which you can delete in the IDE … carefully!!!

The Apps do not have equivalent functionality. Very few folks who are experienced with Classic would recommend switching to New at this time. New is missing too much stuff and the differences can be confusing. But New is required to initialize a New (V3.x) Hub, and can be used to add multiple Hubs to one Location., etc., so it is great to have available.

You can “easily” install and use both Apps interchangeably.

Some differences aren’t obvious: SHM for example, is a completely separate and different Solution SmartApp in Classic vs New. - It is somewhat more flexible in Classic.

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Appreciate your answer.

Ok so I downloaded and logged in ok. Everything on first glance seems to be there, logged into IDE and can only see 1 location, so presume that’s ok.

I wouldn’t say I’m a power user so maybe I’m ok to delete the classic app and start getting used to the new one.

Disappointed in a way that I didn’t know about the, directly supported, new devices in the new app compared to old though, for example the IKEA Tradfri bulbs, in old app in devices doesn’t show, new one does…

So I think for me I should just delete the old app and embrace the new as that’s what’s going to have to happen anyway and make sure all works in the new?


Many complete novice SmartThings users find the SmartThings Classic App to be preferable over the New App (i.e., even if you are not a “power user”).

If you are using this forum for advice and assistance, for example, there are far more folks here familiar with Classic than New, and so you are more likely to get accurate help.

Honestly, there is very little drawback to using both Apps alternately. Some devices which can only be installed using the New App will actually appear and be usable in the Classic App.

I’m quite surprised the IKEA bulbs do not show up in Classic. I bet if you add them using New, then they will appear in your list of devices in Classic.

Someone else may chime in here with specific experience with that brand.

Yeh I prefer not to use both, may as well stick with one, and it looks like the new app is they one that’s being progressed and eventually the classic app will disappear. So in this case is it not better to uninstall the classic app and be done? Appreciate power users may still want/need classic though.

The IKEA bulbs may appear in the classic app if added from new but that’s the confusion. They were not readily available or transparent in the classic app so I didn’t know they were directly supported.


I use the new app over 90% of the time. Very rarely do I need to use the classic app.

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SmartThings is hoping that more people embrace the New App as you have. If it works for you then that’s pretty awesome!


May I ask why only 90% and not 100%?

I’ll open the classic app when a device shows disconnected to make sure if it’s the device or the new app not showing the status correctly. Usually it the new app not showing the right status :wink:

It has been much better lately and I haven’t opened up the classic app in a couple of weeks.


The following FAQ lists the specific differences between the two apps. If you can do everything you want with the new app, I would definitely go with that. That way you don’t have to worry about what will happen once the classic app is discontinued.

If you do find that you need some features that are only available in the classic, it’s fine to use both for awhile.

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In Classic, they are under Marketplace>All Categories > Light Bulbs. Not under SmartThings Reccomends.

I’d say keep both apps installed and stow Classic away in a folder just in case. Use the new app for your everyday use if it meets your needs.


I disagree… unfortunately I have found when I initially set up my v3 hub using the latest app, all seemed fine but I found I couldn’t do things like automate when I am just down the street on my way home and have it disarm so I installed the classic… wow, what a difference, as you pointed out, the classic has many features that the newer one doesn’t have… I then found however, that when I disarmed the new app and opened a door, the classic app gave intrusion detection. WTF? I disarmed. Then I tried again arming the one app and checking the other… it took almost a minute but it did show it was armed. So it seems the time it takes to disarm/arm between devices (from the cloud?) is a problem.

Further to this, I added my wife as a user on her iphone. I am out of town and do nothing to my system other than turn off the automation for when I am not there. So whatever she does shouldn’t affect me. She disarmed and opened the door, no problem for her, but I get an intrusion notification (because of this time factor and the disarming being slow?) Adding fuel to the fire, if I don’t respond I will continually get notices which is VERY annoying but understandable if this were a real emergency.

The thing I have noticed however, is this is only happening with the new app so I’m thinking I will temporarily uninstall the new app and see if that solves the problem. Since the classic app has the features I use and want mostly which is the automation features.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated. Since my wife is not technical (I am) and she hates the fact that it is not reliable.

Be aware that SHM are completely separate in both the Classic and STSC apps. changes made to SHM in one app is not reflected in the other app. So if you have it arm/disarm in one app will not change the status in the other. So possible, that could be the issue you are seeing. If you arm SHM in both but only disarm it in one app, you will set off the alerts in the other app. I am not sure of your setup, so I am just throwing out that scenario.

JKP beats me to the answer again!

SHM Classic and SHM New are entirely distinct and different SmartApps and shouldn’t both be used. Pick one or the other.

It’s just another casualty of SmartThings’s short sighted idea to not give the new App a distinct name… Or, actually, they should have just killed the Classic App swiftly with mercy.

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Using the new app all my devices when I click on them say “disconnected”. In the old app they are fine? It shows the status on the new app but clicking in to see status etc says the same below…


Do you have device health turned off in the old app?

If you have it off, does turning it on enable both apps to show the same offline status?

I still have both apps installed. I’ve just checked and device health was on in old app. I switched it off and tried again in new app and it’s same.

In the old app the info works when I click on a device, it’s just the new app that doesn’t for some reason


try rebooting your hub

Just tried a remote reboot, and easier a while and still the same, disconnected