Using both apps? Please share tips and tricks!

I’m still using the classic (Pro!) app for a few reasons.

  1. ST said to continue using it until further notice, and they haven’t said anything else since then.
  2. I’m using several community created custom device handlers (many thanks to RBoy, erocm123, and bspranger) that don’t yet have full functionality in the new app.
  3. Life360 is broken in the new app.
  4. Without presence triggered SHM, the new app is mostly useless to me. I want a smart home, not just an obedient home, and having to manually change modes every time anyone leaves or arrives simply won’t fly here.

I’m also using the new app because I went and bought one of those GPS tracking fobs and it only works with the new app.

So now I often get double notifications regarding weather, the garage door, and hub status. I have to be careful not to explore the new app too much or risk messing up automations and devices in the classic app. And, I’m afraid to buy any new devices for fear that I will further fracture my ecosystem.

Does anyone else out in the community find themselves having to use both apps? What kind of workarounds or tricks have you found useful for combining the apps into a useful experience? Has anyone found that changes made in the new app interfere with the functioning of the classic app? If so, how do you avoid wrecking your system?

I ask these questions because in a few months I’ll have to decide whether or not the GPS fob is worth buying cell service. If I haven’t found the new app to be more useful by then, I will probably just chuck the fob in a drawer and uninstall the new app.


I use both apps. I am not sure there is anything you do in the STSC app that you can classify as interfering with the Classic app. Yes, there are some differences between the two apps. Some devices or features only work in one or the other app. You pointed out a couple above. The SHM in both are two completely separate features that do not share their status with the other which tends to confuse some users. Samsung TVs and appliances basically only work in STSC. WebCoRE does not control everything in STSC, same with ActionTiles. You can find all the differences and much more in the following link…


I would recommend buying your devices :slight_smile: There is nothing to fear except fear itself.

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Except for Scenes (which can only be used from the new app once you create one in the new app) and Presence, everything else seems to be just lipstick. Meaning that it affects the front end not the back end (that’s as far as I can tell). I enabled the presence in the new app for 2 different user accounts and that seems to be going well. Oh and for double notification, just disable the notifications on the new app. I blocked them from the phone, but I think you can disable them in app too…

SHM and lock management are completely different in the new app. It’s not just a UI change.

@tgauchat May know of more, since they affect how actiontiles works.

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