Using Arlo to Trigger Skybell Camera?

Hey All,

I am new to smartthings, will be installing my stuff this week. This may have already been answered, if so I apologize, I did not see this specifically.

Is it possible to have specific Arlo cameras trigger the Skybell HD camera to turn on? If so is this difficult to do or a basic IFTTT command?

I am also integrating:
Ecobee3 with 3 room sensors
3x Schlage Camelot Connect Deadbolts
4x First Alert Z-wave smoke/CO detectors
Some smartthings sensors (2 multi sensors, 1 motion, 1 outlet)
Arlo Pro 5 camera system
3x Wemo Switch Smart Plugs
Amazon Echo

Looking to add:
More window sensors
Swap out all the bulbs with smart bulbs
Replace flood lights with bright LEDs and trigger using a smart switch
Water sensor for Sump

Anyone have any idea?

So I can only answer half of this - if anyone knows the capabilities of skybell - please ‘chime in’

As to Arlo cams, they can be setup to present to SmartThings as a motion sensor. When you pair that with something like CoRE/WebCoRE, then you can setup pretty much anything to respond to the trigger of motion detected by any / all of your Arlo cams. (responsiveness may vary depending on power source) What I DON’T know is what happens once you have that trigger. Does Skybell support a manual trigger from an external source…

Bueller? Bueller?


I don’t understand… the Arlo cameras would trigger and start recording… why do you need the Skybell camera to kick off as well?

My best guess is that if you configure SHM to use both and the system is armed, the motion alert on the Arlo should trigger both devices automatically. I think.

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Because I don’t want to waste a camera looking at the door. I would prefer to use the camera I already paid for, the skybell, to turn on before it’s motion sensor even kicks on