Activate siren with just some Arlo cameras?

I have a v3 hub and five Arlo cameras. I want the alarm to activate all cameras but 4 of them should trigger the siren if motion is detected and the remaining one should just send me a notification if motion is detected. Is there any way to make this happen? Thanks!

Look here, you might find an answer, follow the links to the other threads as well.

I use that Arlo app security modes to alert me and turn on the base station siren when motion is detected on the cameras motion sensor.

In the Arlo app, I have two modes, one for Armed Stay, and another one for Armed Away which I use the Arlo geolocation set set. That way I can have different camera setups to alert me and turn on the base station siren depending on if I’m home or not. Because when I’m at home (Arlo Armed Stay mode), I have SmartThings setup to enable all of the cameras (including the cameras inside), and set off the siren if intrusion is detected from a multisensor, but because I’m moving around inside, I don’t want the inside cameras to turn on the siren, I just want the outside cameras to do that. And of course in Arlo Armed Away mode, all of the cameras alert me and set off the siren when motion is detected on them.

Arlo cameras won’t do anything no matter what mode the Arlo app is in if the cameras are off so I just leave the Arlo app in these armed modes since I have SmartThings enable or disable the cameras depending on whatever security mode the STHM is in. STHM Disarmed is all cameras off, STHM Armed Stay is just the outside cameras on, and STHM Armed Away is all cameras on.