Skybell automation

(Mike) #1

Trying to figure out how to trigger recording on my Skybell from another motion sensor. I have the Skybell connect smartapp installed but the only automation options for Skybell come up under buttons and switches (off and on). How do I set up a routine which starts recording from it’s camera? I contacted skybell and they offered nothing useful.

(Mark C) #2

try under smart home monitor from you dashboard on the clasic app

(Mohamed Galal) #3

pls let me know if you managed to link Skybell account with Smartthings classic app . coz i am trying with no luck.

(Mike) #4

I had no problem linking Skybell HD with Smartthings. Also figured out the answer to my own question- I set up webCoRE and the record functionality of the doorbell was available in the webCoRE dashboard.